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Intestacy and Civil Lawyers in Lahore:

For the issue arising out of intestacy if you are looking for civil lawyers in Lahore or a law firm in Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Bear in mind that if a specific gift does lapse, it will be added into the residue through the civil lawyers in Lahore or a law firm in Pakistan. ADV Nazia is the Best Civil Lawyer in Lahore & Civil Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan For Services of All kind of Cases. Now Get Advice By Civil Lawyers in Lahore & Civil Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan.


Would that be an unfair benefit to the person entitled to the residue? What will happen if the person who is to receive the residue should die before the testator? Unless other arrangements are set out in the Will, the user will pass under the intestacy rules. Are there any adopted, legitimate, or illegitimate children? Although such children are assumed to be included in the phrase ‘children (see above), it is best to avoid any doubt by specifically naming them. Does the will revoke all previous wills made by the testator? Is it possible that the testator will not own the property specifically named when he dies? If he does not own the property at the time of his death, he will not give it to the beneficiary.

Alternative Gift:

So the testator should consider this possibility by including an alternative gift when drafting the Will. The civil lawyers in Lahore or a law firm in Pakistan fill ‘speaks from death,’ which means that one must look at the position at the time of death, not at the. So will was written.  If a person makes a gift of ‘my sports car, but by the time of his death, he has traded in the sports car for a saloon model, then the proposed beneficiary will take nothing. The correct way to word the Will is to give ‘my car or ‘my sports car or any other car I may own at the time of my death. A gift that fails in this way is said to have been deemed.  Does the testator have any children? If so, should the will appoint fans if the other parent also dies and d the children are left without parents? Is there a gift subject to a condition?

Law Firm in Pakistan:

The civil lawyers in Lahore or a law firm in Pakistan will word it so that the condition is for an event to happen before the gift is made, rather than for the gift to be forfeited on the event should draft. The Will should name the executors (personal reprieves named in a will are called executors). Should substitute named in case the named executors have died or are unable to take on the job? Two is generally regarded as the ideal number of executors.

Executors For Legal Services:

Are the executors to be paid for their services? If so, the Will must specifically authorize their payment through civil lawyers in Lahore or a law firm in Pakistan. Before naming someone as an executor, the testator should check that the person is willing to be an executor; a person named an executor can decline to act. It is not essential to name executors: it will still be valid even if executors are not named.  Does the will specifically state that it is ‘signed by the testator in our presence and then by us as witnesses in his presence? It confirms that the main requirements of the Wills Act have been observed and is called an ‘attestation clause.’

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