Onewheel Vs Electric Skateboard: Which One Is Better?

The popularity of alternative mobility concepts has made self-balancing one-wheels and electric skateboards mainstream. But people are also questioning their practicality and legality.

So what should you buy if you want to invest in portable transportation to carry out your errands, ride leisure in your neighborhood, or practice self-balancing?

Here is a detailed guide to Onewheel vs. Electric Skateboarding to answer all your questions. In addition, you can read below to find out about their comparisons, specifications, and practicality.

One wheel skateboard

These single-wheel boards are ideal for transport and balance training. However, it does not contribute much to any further skateboarding sport.

They are not like automatic longboards that include a motor and a battery. You can accelerate one wheel just by tilting your weight. In addition, no remote control is required.

Which one has the best price?

The price is the first thing you consider when you have to buy an e-skateboard. Electric skateboard costs range from $ 400 to $ 3000. Prices vary from model to model, so it depends on what you buy.

Electric skateboards are of excellent quality. Therefore, it is a one-time purchase. The average model of skating costs you about $ 1000.

On the other hand, the retail market price of Onewheel is as high as about $ 1,500. However, given the budget, e-skateboards win because they come with different price tags for different models.

Which one has the better range/battery life?

When comparing an electric skateboard to a Onewheel, one of the important considerations is battery life or range. The Onewheel was initially able to travel about 6 miles on a single charge. However, due to battery advances and improvements, the new Onewheel XR can run 18 miles on a single charge.

Onewheel requires additional energy to move and balance the board. Therefore, it requires more energy to run than an electric board.

In contrast, if your board’s battery runs out, you can use it as a regular skateboard. However, when the Onewheel battery runs out, it can no longer be used as a standard board.

Which one offers the maximum speed?

Electric skateboards can travel up to 25 mph. So if you need speed, you’ll find that e-skateboarding is a better choice. In contrast, One wheel can cruise rugged terrain at the lowest speeds.

The maximum speed limit for Onewheel is about 19 mph. However, it rarely exceeds 15 mph. Therefore, if you are looking for speed, an electric skateboard is a good choice.

Safety or Braking: Which one provides better safety?

All board sports are full of potential risks and pose a safety threat. Therefore, whether you buy an electric skateboard or a Onewheel skateboard, you are at the same risk of injury.

However, many claims that Onewheels are more dangerous than electric skateboards. People confuse Onewheels with regular electric skateboards.

Overwhelming the motor with Onewheel will shut it down. As a result, the board hits the ground and the rider also falls. This usually happens when you try to hit 24 mph with a Onewheel.

Which offers the best fun

When talking about electric skateboards and Onewheel, you can enjoy a leisure ride on either board, but it’s important to mention the fun elements as Onewheel makes your ride unique.

Riding the Onewheel will get people’s attention. Therefore, according to reviews, the head-turning effect of Onewheels is an addition to the fun element.

One wheel may not be fast, but it’s more fun to ride than an electric skateboard. So when it comes to fun elements, it’s easy to say that Onewheel wins.

E-skateboard and one wheel control

¬†Onewheel, on the other hand, doesn’t have a controller. Instead, you only need to use your weight and positioning to control your deck.

Handheld controllers carry the risk of low battery. It can also be misplaced, broken, or forgotten.

Also, if you move your hands freely with Onewheel, you can take pictures and enjoy drinks while riding, which is convenient. Therefore, Onewheel gives you more freedom as you free your hands when riding leisurely.


Electric skateboards are great if you want to travel long distances at high speeds, but Onewheel is great if you want to enjoy a cruise. Therefore, when talking about one-wheel and electric skateboarding, there is no definitive winner. Whether it’s an electric skateboard or a one-wheeler, please enjoy it!

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