Quick Guide to Europeans Healthcare for Expats

Did you know that European countries top the list for providing the best healthcare services and insurance to their expats? 

People throughout the world are constantly hoping and looking for better opportunities. The majority of students opt to study abroad to assist their families better. A significant chunk of skilled and talented individuals from developing countries work in Europe and support their families through money transfers from abroad. 

European countries are among the first to supply the essential amenities to expatriates. Everything in European countries is top-notch, from education to healthcare for residents and expats.

The healthcare system in European countries

Healthcare is an essential concern for expats when shifting to their dream locations. If you consider relocating to Europe, you must conduct extensive research before deciding. Personal healthcare insurance must be purchased or included in the relocation package for expats in Europe. Obtaining nationality or residency can make you eligible for public healthcare; however, it may or may not be available based on your residence and visa status. 

Examine the costs of various procedures and the wait periods in public hospitals. Going to private healthcare facilities could be the best option for foreigners with private healthcare insurance. Citizens of all European Union nations and a few non-EU countries can obtain an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). Getting an international health insurance card is ideal if you plan to spend a long time in Europe. 

How does Europe facilitate in case of a health emergency?

In case of severe sickness or an emergency, simply dial 112, the European Union’s universal emergency number. Pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for minor difficulties in most cities. Even though European standards are generally high, the private sector is booming. If you plan to stay in Europe for an extended amount of time, local insurance will likely be insufficient to provide you with complete health coverage. Other choices, such as European health insurance or expat health insurance, should be considered.

The ever-blooming Universal Healthcare System in Europe for frequent traveller expats

If you travel to Europe, you can be confident that you will have simple access to the same high-quality healthcare you have in your home country. Almost every European country has a universal healthcare system. This ensures that lower-income Europeans have access to healthcare services that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Many expatriates can either not access the local health care system in the European country they reside in, or they just prefer private treatment. The most significant thing is that the bulk of the continent’s medical experts speak English.

Health insurance for Expats

Individuals and families can always consider obtaining a private foreign medical plan if they do not have a European Health Insurance Card. As you may travel from one country or region to another, such coverage may be portable. As an international European citizen, you can access some top international health insurance plans, such as Cigna Global Medical and the Allianz European health plan.

Benefits of European Healthcare insurance for expats

The online client portal allows for a speedy and straightforward claim process that reimburses all expenses (hospitalisation, treatment, etc.) associated with Covid-19. In the case of illness or an emergency, medical assistance advantages like evacuation and repatriation are available. Tele-consultation is accessible at no additional cost 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a second medical opinion is available from the most excellent experts on the planet.

If you have a reasonable healthcare plan while living and working in a foreign land, you’ll stay healthy enough to work and earn for your family and send money abroad to support their needs.

European countries with the best healthcare facilities for expats

If you are going to relocate to Europe and are looking for the best healthcare facilities, here is a list of the top four countries in Europe with the best Healthcare facilities for Expatriates. 


Due to significant support from the government, France’s healthcare system has always been outstanding, with lower wait times and professional employees. When the ‘Protection Universelle Maladie’ (PUMA) was introduced in early 2016, the system improved significantly. Residents and foreigners can use PUMA to properly access public healthcare. The public healthcare system in France is not free, but it is less expensive than private healthcare. You only need to pay a monthly fee to access facilities with significant discounts. Specific exclusions may apply to retirees. So, before you decide to relocate, do your homework about PUMA restrictions for retirees.


Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe, with a high doctor-to-patient ratio. Health insurance is required for everyone in the country, even expats with residency permits. To protect yourself and your family as an expat, you should find a certified insurance provider. For advanced or complex medical treatments, expats should choose full insurance coverage.

United Kingdom

If you want to stay in the UK for more than six months on a visa, you will be required to pay a £200 immigration health surcharge when applying for a visa. The surcharge price for students will be £150. Expats can also access private rooms, specialised treatments, and modern facilities through private healthcare – all with little or no wait time. Most expatriates choose extra coverage, such as international health insurance, to avoid the long wait times associated with the NHS and to receive better care in private hospitals.


According to a World Health Organization survey, Spain’s healthcare system is ranked seventh globally. Nearly 90% of people use the public healthcare system, with only nineteen per cent opting for private care. Spanish insurance plans include dental coverage in addition to the much-needed comfort and privacy.

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