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Rent an Apartment in Lebanon

Lebanon is a popular tourist destination in Western Asia and is known as one of the cradles of the modern world. There are many fascinating reasons to travel or live in Lebanon. If you want to visit or live in Lebanon, you may need to rent an apartment in Lebanon.

Moving to a new or different place is exciting but at the same time a little scary as there are some other things that you should know before renting an apartment in Lebanon.  

This article will talk about what will make renting an apartment in Lebanon convenient for you.

Set your budget

Before considering all other things, make sure you have enough money to spend on necessities other than the monthly rent. The amount of rent should not exceed 20% of your monthly income; otherwise, it will be difficult to manage.  

Consider whether security deposits, parking fees, application fees, and other charges you have to pay before renting an apartment in Lebanon are worth spending.

If you rent an apartment in Lebanon in summer, make sure it is suitable for high temperatures, and the cost of temperature maintenance is affordable.

Location, location, location

When choosing an apartment in Lebanon, location is important to consider. First of all, it should be in a safe area. After that, choose an appropriate location according to your work/job. If you are a student or service person, you should buy an apartment near your school or office.

If you don’t have your own bike/car, make sure there is public transport service near your apartment. You should also check the availability of gas, water, and electricity in your area.

Condition of apartment

Inspecting the apartment is also essential as many renters quickly decide after considering the location and affordable amount. It is advisable to visit the apartment during the daytime as focusing on what is around the apartment is not enough.

Make sure the apartment is safe and in good condition. If you find some issues and are not satisfied, you can ask the landlord to fix them; so you can avoid issues. Make sure all the detectors and safety equipment of the apartment are working.

Do not rent an apartment in Lebanon on any website as the pictures look attractive as they are clicked at the time of renovation. That’s why it is advised to inspect the apartment before renting.

Research on landlord

To be a landlord, there is no requirement of qualification or experience as required in other jobs. Not all landlords are honest, and most have the aim to just get money. Therefore, before renting an apartment in Lebanon, you should ask people who have experience in buying or renting any property.

They can guide you better and will provide information about trustworthy landlords. A good landlord will provide you with information about each and everything related to your apartment. Working with more than one landlord can confuse you as they may have different opinions and suggestions. Before signing the agreement, ask yourself questions and reconsider your needs.





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