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. What room for a resin floor for a house?

. Turn your floor into homemade resin

. Quality and defects of the homemade resin floor

. Price of a homemade resin floor

What room for a resin floor for a house?

A resin home floor is a fairly elastic floor covering depending on whether you have chosen it in polyurethane or epoxy. Indeed, epoxy Resin bound paving Wickes is much less elastic than polyurethane and therefore less resistant to scratches.

The resin house floor adapts perfectly to each room:

. Resistant, it is suitable for rooms with frequent passage such as the kitchen or the hallway.

. Aesthetic and very pleasant to the touch, it fits perfectly in a bedroom.

. It is absolutely waterproof and exists in a non-slip version, so it goes very well in wet rooms such as bathrooms.

. Its impressive resistance to stains and even to oil and sludge makes this element a decent material for a garage.

Turn your floor into homemade resin

Your tastes and desires may change over time when it comes to decorating. Rather than changing wall coverings or furniture, you can change the color of your homemade resin floor.

To do this, you will need:

. Sand the resin floor;

. Apply a new layer of resin on top of the previous one.

If you are doing this in a small room (less than 10m²),  these few jobs can be done by yourself. In this case, the resin is applied with a roller or a brush.

To do this, you can find ready-to-use kits with ready-made mixtures on the internet or in any DIY store.

Quality and defects of the homemade resin floor

If your resin house floor ever comes in contact with water, it becomes slippery. It is therefore important to incorporate minerals into this mixture to make it non-slip. The price of the resin will be higher in this case.

If this additional cost is not compatible with your budget, it is however possible to choose an inexpensive product and to arrange carpets or gratings to avoid any incident.

The advantage of house resin flooring is that it is easy to maintain without any special product: water with soap or a neutral pH maintenance product is sufficient.

Price of a homemade resin floor

The price of a resin floor for a house differs depending on the quality of the resin, its type, its finish and also the supplier.

It is necessary to count, for an epoxy resin, approximately between 50 and 150 € / m², this price includes the installation.

For a polyurethane resin, count between 150 and 300 € / m² , this price includes the installation.

Whatever type of homemade resin floor you choose, you are advised to call on an experienced craftsman for a room with an area greater than 20 m²: the regularity and aesthetics of your floor will be even better.  Successful.

Resin floor: presentation and characteristics

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Where to install a resin floor?

Indoor floor resin. Outdoor floor resin. Garage floor resin

Types of resin flooring

Polyurethane resin floor Epoxy resin floor

Price and purchase

Floor resin supplier Resin floor price

Laying the resin
Before placing your resin on a tiled floor, be sure to follow these few precautions:

. Work in a room at room temperature: too high a temperature can lead to cracks in the resin.
Ventilate the room well.
. Wear gloves, goggles and a protective mask.
. Here are the steps to follow for installing resin on a tiled floor:

Mix the two components of the coating (resin and hardener):
To do this, refer to the supplier’s instructions .
To mix effortlessly, use a mixer that you attach to the end of a drill.
This mixture must be homogeneous.
. Let the mixture sit for ten minutes so that any bubbles rise to the surface.
. Then pour the mixture on the floor and spread it with a long-handled roller.
. Leave to dry between 24 and 48 hours according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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