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Royal Caribbean International – Wellness and Boat Recreation

As a pioneer in the cruise industry, Royal Caribbean has developed new and daring activities on the ship, such as their rock climbing trademark. Their fleet of luxury yachts includes an ice rink, bungee trampoline and every pool imaginable. It has an interactive park, solarium and spa, as well as a surf simulator and boxing ring, depending on the boat family.

The first megaship, the Sovereign-class cruise ship,

Came with their trademark Casino 꽁머니 a Vegas-style casino where guests could place their poker bets, slots and blackjack. For those into the nightlife, this Sovereign family boat has its own world-class nightclub where passengers can dance the night away. Both Sea Venerable and Sea King have rock climbing walls.

The Vision class boats have a luxury adults-only solarium,

as well as a day spa and wellness center. This fitness center has only the latest fitness equipment. There is a jogging path as well as fitness equipment, weight lifting or an aerobics room. Travelers can choose to exercise alone or sign up for classes. Most of these classes are usually included in the price, but are available for a personal trainer or for Pilates or Yoga classes. The spa is also very good, with different treatments and services for adults. The pool area of ​​the Vision-class ships has an interactive Splash Deck.

The Radiance class boats have pool tables and self-leveling

basketball and volleyball courts for more active passengers. This special billiard table is located in the Colony Club, a salon decorated in the old British colonial style. These boats were also the first to have a miniature golf course.

The Voyager-class cruise ship is the first to have a fully-equipped ice rink. They were also the first to have a youth-only club and the Royal Promenade with its many shops and snack bars. You will never be bored on this cruise!

FlowRider is a Royal Caribbean Surfing Trademark, available on Freedom Class vessels.

This luxury yacht also has a cantilevered whirlpool and the beautiful H2O Zone water park, with amazing interactive sculptures and beautiful waterfalls, right on the boat!

Last but not least, every Royal Caribbean International cruise ship bears the Adventure Ocean Youth Program trademark. This is a series of activities that young people can enjoy. They are also educational activities that last all day and keep the kids entertained, as well as having fun at sea.

As the sun sets, the fun continues on the Royal Caribbean International Cruise.

Each boat offers evening boarding. Some boats offer Vegas-style shows and nightclub shows with all passengers remaining open. The other ships opt for interactive productions where the passengers are part of the show. The show features contests and games such as “The Game of Babies, Not the Babies”, which has always been a favorite of passengers and crew.

There are also many performances and a selection of music in the theme salon. The new Latin themed Boleros lounges is very popular and can be found on most new cruise ships. There are also performances in themed cafes on some cruise ships and of course music all night long in adult or teen nightclubs.

If the cruise ship has an ice rink, there is an ice show in the evening that is sure to be unforgettable. Royal Caribbean International has some of the best onboard exhibitions in the industry. Some of their boats even have parades and “street performers” on the Royal Promenade. Of course Royal Caribbean International has fun for everyone.

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