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Article Daily

Rules for the safety and protection of exhibitors and third parties;

Certificate of insurance received by the organizer, including legal liability of participants and anyone involved in the event;

Opinion of the delegation concerned or evidence that the request has been made;

Consider the impact of the event on the pages of Nature 2000, depending on the context

The event took place in more than twenty departments, the governor of each department (the governor of the police in Paris);

Governor and Minister of the Interior in at least twenty cases: Ministry of the Interior – Road Safety and Road Safety Regulations and Regulations of the Bureau of Road Safety and Road Safety – Placer Beauvais – 75800 PARIS Code 08.

The file must be submitted in several parts, at least 3 months before the event date and at least 2 months before the event.

If you organize an event without notice or permission, you are criminally liable.

If there is a sporting event for which the participants do not have a final classification

Apply for a temporary residency in the public domain and report the incident using Form 13447 03:

Creates setup and checkpoints for participants;

Projects group traffic of at least 75 pedestrians, 50 roundabouts or non-motorized vehicles, 25 horses or other animals in a designated place on the public road;

It does not provide any specific procedure or classification of participants.

You complete the form by evaluating the identity and contact details of the organizers, the type of the planned event (equestrian or pedestrian activity), the place, date and time of the organization, the maximum number of participants, and the number of spectators. Number of expected and accompanying vehicles. You include organizational methods, schedules and regulations, safety measures for participants and third parties, insurance certificate received by the organizer, route maps received, a meeting or viewing as a participant. Participant.

If the incident occurs in one department,

send it to the governor of the department of the file (police chief of Paris), if the incident occurs in more than one department, send it to the governor of each department The claim must be made no later than one month from the date of the incident and proof of insurance can be presented within the last six days.

If you organize an event without notice or permission, you are criminally liable.

You are preparing an event at the gym

Should protection be approved?

In addition to the rules that apply to every public organization (ERP), the 스포츠중계 Act regulates sports grounds for holding public sports events. When the event welcomes more than 500 spectators seated in indoor fitness equipment or more than 3,000 in outdoor fitness equipment, the equipment must be certified as a fitness center.

The venue itself requires the approval of the sports field. The Security and Access department is informed by the department head after approval by the Board of Directors. This action confirms that the rules on the soundness of structures, human safety and the response of the emergency services were adopted before they were published.

View the event location

Meets established or existing standards. In the case of more than 1,500 participants, the municipality must file a declaration at least two months in advance. If the event involves certain facilities or facilities, or is organized by the public in places not designed for that purpose, or in special circumstances, the department must obtain approval from the Council for Security and Accessibility. It also takes 2 months.

You are organizing a sporting event for more than 5,000 people on one page

Profit means profit (ticket sales, TV broadcasting rights).

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