Sens Care The Obvious Staffing Company For Staffing With Doctors

Find The Right Doctor With Sens Care

We are the region’s leading staffing company in healthcare and social work. We help hospitals across Scandinavia meet resource requirements that would otherwise be difficult to fill, while also providing them with competent professionals they need for their activities- whether it is caring or research based.

Som bemanningsläkare hos Sens Care erbjuds du varierande uppdrag samtidigt som du får en ökad flexibilitet. Efterfrågan är stor av specialister inom allmänmedicin.

A major role of ours at Sens Care has always been providing support where needed most.

This includes both direct services like vet care (veterinary nurse) but also indirect roles such as helping managers manage teams made up primarily of nurses who do not all speak each others’ languages fluently – making communication an issue sometimes.

We work hard to find the most qualified consultants, who not only have experience in both primary care and hospital settings but also an understanding of what it takes for them to be successful. Our dedication knows no bounds when you’re talking about our team members- they are invaluable.

We have a network of doctors with different cutting-edge knowledge and specialist areas who can staff your resource requirements.

We at Sens Care are your reliable, competent consultants with the experience to place you in the right position.

Medical Staff For All

We make it possible for doctors who specialize in niche medical staffing to work across Sweden. Our team of professionals will support your unique premises and the care providers’ needs, so you can focus on what matters most- patient treatment.

What Is a Staff Doctor?

Our staff doctors are available to work with you in whatever capacity best suits your needs. You can choose between being a full-time consultant or working extra on the side, so no matter how much time it takes from your day please let us know.

Are You Looking For Vacancy For Doctors?

We are looking for highly skilled doctors who want to take their careers in a new direction. Become an active staff doctor at Sens Care and enjoy the benefits that come with it, including continuous activities related specifically to your medical specialty! For more information contact us online or go directly under “medical specialties” on our website – we’ll be waiting there eagerly anticipating what kinds of jobs might suit you best right now.

Leading Staffing Company For Doctors

We are very excited to have you on board! You will find that our company offers an excellent opportunity for those who want to work as a doctor in medical staffing.

Working as a doctor in Norway is an exciting opportunity. Doctoral graduates can work full-time or part-time, depending on their needs and interests we find the perfect assignment for you.

What Is It Like To Work As A Staff Doctor

We’re here to help you with everything medical, so join our team and be sure that no matter what happens during or after your tailored assignment – we’ve got a doctor ready for all emergencies.

This will give you more time to focus on your medical assignment as a staff doctor.

Salary And Conditions As a Staff Doctor

As a staff doctor at Sens Care, you’ll always receive an offer based on your market value and competitiveness with other companies.

Wage setting is individual so it can be affected by several factors such as workloads or places of employment to name just two examples.

You can work as an employee or through your own company, and here we’ll talk about how much a hired doctor makes at Sens Care.

Staffing Companies For Doctor And Nurses Since 2002

We are the only company in our industry to operate on two different energies. Our headquarters is based out of Luleå, Sweden but we have offices all across Scandinavia including Norway.

Hire Doctor Of The Highest Quality Cost-Effectively From Sens Care

Offer our customers the best medical services possible at an affordable price.

Sens Care har ett omfattande nätverk av aktiva läkare och erbjuder bemanning läkare inom samtliga specialistområden.

The goal is to provide excellent customer service and medical staffing services that are second to none.

To ensure that our doctors meet the needs of each customer, we work with an extensive recruitment process.

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