Industrial Automation has made a significant impact in recent years. The massive advancement in science and Technologies has aided industries where the virtual world has become a prevalent and vital aspect for the new generation of businesses. The immense development of the Internet of Things is inspirational and noteworthy.

With digitalization, automation companies have developed various techniques for gaining complete control over the work process for efficient and reliable production. Armstrong’s Software, one of the best industrial automation companies in Pune, having the primary objective of providing an error-free, efficient and automatic solution for industries and businesses, has listed down diverse industrial automation solutions available.

Some Industrial Automation Solutions are listed below:


Warehouse Management and Warehouse Control Systems are the most efficient ways to manage and control warehouses. WMS services offer to keep track of warehouses and better manage your business. It has been used mainly to check the quality, returns, orders, picking and tracking services, valued products shipment, staging, and secure shipping.

WCS provides an expert solution for order routing on conveyance, applying and printing, sorting through products, etc. However, the WCS is entirely dependent on WMS for all inventory-related problems and solutions. The WMS and WCS make a very efficient and highly operational program pair.

  1. Machine Learning 

The popularity of IoT devices is skyrocketing daily, and the masses have witnessed massive development in the machine learning sector. Most successful industries are entirely dependent on it to meet their business needs. Machine learning gives the business an altogether new dimension, which helps optimize and modify technical products and services. It makes it easier and faster by analysing data and acquiring data-driven solutions.

With machine learning, you can –

  • Monitor warehouse processing.
  • Send products to accurate locations.
  1. Video Analytics 

Video Analytics is an emerging technology used in warehouse distribution services and centres. The use of video Analytics is easy to understand due to real-time image recording, ensuring safety and security. Any person loitering around or trespassing can be immediately identified and prosecuted with the help of this technology. Businesses can use such technology for monitoring activities around warehouses for unidentified access and enhancing employee transparency.

  1. Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented Reality has been on the rise, and there is no need for a description of how interactive and easy to use this process is. With this, you can-

  • Enhance speed and accuracy of data capture processes
  • Smart barcode scanning solutions
  • Accessible location and tracking of products
  • Manage operations in a systematic way
  1. Use of Industrial Robots

Industrial robots are the best example of a futuristic approach to making your business feel premium.

Robots can easily –

  • Perform dangerous, repetitive tasks with high precision.
  • Used in a vast range of applications.

More quirks –

  • Customized and a variety of models are available.
  • Specific software has been developed just for controlling these remotes.


If you’re looking for a breakthrough to make your business stand out, then connect with Armstrong’s Software to have the best solutions for industrial automation companies in Pune.

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