Seven Pieces Of Trivia You May Not Know About IKEA

Check out U7Buy for an IKEA gift card deal and refresh your home today! IKEA, the world-renowned Swedish furniture giant, is known for its stylish, affordable, and flat-pack furniture. We present you with these seven trivial bits of knowledge about IKEA.

IKEA Was Founded by a Teenager

IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad when he was just 17 years old. The name is an acronym. It stands for Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, and Agunnaryd. Elmtaryd is the farm where the founder grew up. Agunnaryd is his hometown in Sweden. Initially, the company sold small household items like pens and picture frames. It expanded into furniture in 1948.

IKEA’s Founder Lived a Simple Life

Despite his immense wealth, Ingvar Kamprad, wasn’t a showoff. He drove an old Volvo for decades, flew economy class, and encouraged cost-saving measures throughout the company. This culture of frugality has deeply influenced IKEA’s operational efficiency and pricing strategies.

IKEA Names Are Not Gibberish

IKEA product names are not randomly generated. They often have specific meanings rooted in the Swedish language and geography. For instance, bookcases are named after professions, sofas, and coffee tables after Swedish place names, and garden furniture after Swedish islands. This system helps the international staff easily identify products without language barriers. They are also a source of amusement as we can see many pop-culture references based on IKEA names.

The IKEA Catalog Is Among the World’s Most Popular Publications

The IKEA catalog is one of the most widely distributed publications in the world. It has surpassed even the Bible in some years. At its peak, over 200 million copies were printed annually in multiple languages. The catalog has been a key marketing tool since 1951. It is a tool showcasing IKEA’s latest products and inspiring home decor ideas.

The Only Solution Is a Flat-Pack Revolution

One of IKEA’s innovations was the introduction of flat-pack furniture. This came in 1956. The idea sparked when an employee sawed off the legs of a table so it could fit into a car. This concept cuts costs in manufacturing and transportation and enables customers to carry home their purchases easily. Today, flat-pack furniture is a core of IKEA’s identity, and quite a head-scratcher for those of us who are on the clumsy side.

Buy Furniture And Enjoy a Snack While At It

IKEA’s food courts are a significant attraction. The Swedish meatballs are iconic, with millions sold annually. The food offerings are strategically priced to keep customers in the store longer. They also attract repeated visits. Did you know that IKEA is one of the largest food providers in the world? It serves over two billion guests annually.

IKEA Hacks Are Real

The rise of IKEA hacks has generated a global community of DIY enthusiasts. These people modify and re-purpose IKEA products to create custom pieces. This phenomenon has spawned numerous blogs, books, and social media pages. Here is another hack for you: U7Buy has many useful guides, including How to Redeem IKEA gift card online, so visit the website now!

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