Benefits of Microsoft 365

Want to work efficiently and productively? It is crucial for your organization. When communication and collaboration run smoothly, this has a major impact on the productivity of your employees. What is indispensable here? productivity software SharePoint Consulting. Microsoft 365 is an example of a productivity tool. But what benefits does Microsoft 365 actually offer?

1. More efficient meetings

The Office apps from Microsoft 365 make it easy to, for example:

  1. to coordinate something with an employee;
  2. to meet online with a large team;
  3. give a keynote session to a hundred people.
  4. Use OneNote , PowerPoint , Outlook and SharePoint Online to better communicate and meet. According to research, you can save almost two hours per employee every week thanks to more effective meetings.

2. Work in the same file at the same time

Thanks to the real-time co-authoring function, your employees work simultaneously on the same files in SharePoint. Your employees spend less time sending files, working in wrong files or storing wrong versions.

3. Microsoft 365 improves teamwork

Teamwork improves and employees make decisions faster, thanks in part to tools such as Power BI Pro and Analytics. This can lead to up to 15.6% faster decisions . Getting together online is easy for your team thanks to the various communication features:

4. Work From Anywhere

With Microsoft 365 you can work from anywhere and also from any device, via the browser or a mobile app. Ideal when your employees work remotely or when you have multiple locations.

5. Your company data is safe in the cloud

Microsoft 365 is a completely secure environment for your company data. Thanks to security measures, such as multi-factor authentication , your company information will not end up with people who cannot access it from Microsoft Azure for SharePoint Consulting. Microsoft identifies and stops threats and malware immediately. In this way, your data remains well protected and you keep control over your company information.

6. Scalability thanks to Microsoft 365

Microsoft has an extensive range of apps. You can use these tools in any way you want and configure them to the needs of your organization. So your organization can grow with you. The mix-and-match features of apps allow you to create tailor-made solutions for every department of your organization.

Want to learn more about building apps with Microsoft 365? In this video we explain it to you step by step.

7. Work from one central point

Thanks to Microsoft 365, you have all the tools you need together. So you work from one central point. Quickly update or change tasks on the go? You can, because all data and apps are synced. You can access your calendar, tasks and e-mail from anywhere.

8. You don’t have to worry about updates

Your applications are always available for use as Microsoft 365 performs automatic updates for all applications. This is a great advantage, especially when your organization is changing or growing rapidly. Your employees can focus on the tasks that are really important, while Microsoft ensures that all applications are ready to use.

Want to be more productive with Microsoft 365? Start now!

Microsoft 365 offers a lot of advantages when it comes to working productively, both in the short and long term. However, proper implementation is crucial. Your employees should be happy to work with it and really embrace the software . Are you curious about how you can implement Microsoft 365 step by step in your organization? Then download our white paper about ‘working productively with Microsoft’ with SharePoint Consulting. In this white paper you will also find a practical step-by-step plan to get started right away.

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