Shopping Guide: What You Need To Know About Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics

When buying natural cosmetics, you should consider what properties and benefits they offer you; Therefore, below we give you the information you need about natural cosmetics, as well as solve the most frequent doubts among consumers.

What are natural cosmetics?

ECOCERT, one of the main certification bodies for natural cosmetic products, defines natural cosmetics as cosmetics made up of at least 95% natural ingredients or of natural origin. In addition, at least 5% of all ingredients come from organic farming, which is at least 50% plant-based ingredients.
Natural cosmetics do not contain animal products, and no tests or experiments on animals are carried out in their preparation.

Thus, they are recognized as safe for human, animal, and environmental health.
Is this the same as talking about natural, organic, ecological, or organic cosmetics?
You may have heard not only about “natural” products but also about “organic or ECO”, “BIO” or “organic”. These terms are easy to confuse, and while they may seem overly similar, you should know how to distinguish between them.
ECOCERT defines organic products as those containing at least 95% natural ingredients or natural origin, and no more than 5% of the remaining ingredients are synthetic. Unlike natural products, at least 10% of its ingredients come from organic farming.

Why is it recommended to use natural cosmetics?

The fact that they are made mainly from ingredients of natural origin makes natural products more beneficial to our skin’s health. For example, they do not contain heavy metals that could accumulate in the body.
In addition, they cause less skin sensitivity as they do not contain irritating products such as parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Natural cosmetics, unlike conventional ones, do not contain substances derived from oil. This allows our skin to sweat properly, thereby reducing the appearance of acne and providing a good aesthetic result. Also, when we use these products, hormonal changes, and other physiological systems are reduced.

On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that natural products are not only good for us but also contribute to the preservation of the environment and protect the integrity and respect for animals.

Are natural cosmetics effective?

Definitely yes. Natural cosmetics are very effective, so we can compare them with traditional ones and sometimes say that they are better. This is due to the large contribution of active ingredients to its formulation. This is because they do not contain the additives and chemicals found in conventional cosmetic products.
This makes them not only safer for users but also more efficient. However, it must be borne in mind that the effectiveness of any product, whether natural or conventional, will depend on its composition, as well as the concentration of its active ingredients and the frequency with which we use it. For more details visit Time Filler.

Are natural products completely safe against allergies?

Many of the chemicals found in traditional cosmetics, such as parabens, silicones, and artificial perfumes; are not found in natural cosmetics. These products are irritating and can cause hypersensitivity or allergies in people.
On the other hand, as with any product, the safety against allergies and sensitivities is not 100%. Each person has their own skin, which may be more or less sensitive to certain components, some of which may be of natural origin.

If we have sensitive skin or are allergic to any item, it is important to check the composition of each product before purchasing it.

Is it pleasant to use natural cosmetics?

There is a misconception that because they are made from ingredients derived from nature and do not contain artificial perfume or other ingredients, they are not as enjoyable to use as conventional beauty products. For example, due to texture, odor, or other characteristics. The good news is that this is not the case.
In recent months, the demand for natural products has increased, so the characteristics of this type of cosmetics have changed significantly in favor. Nowadays, the texture, smell, and consistency of natural cosmetic products are as attractive and pleasant as any traditional cosmetics.

Natural products deteriorate early?

You may have believed that if natural cosmetics do not have artificial products to prepare and store them, they may deteriorate faster and be not as durable as conventional cosmetics.
If this bothers you, reassure yourself: natural products have preservatives to preserve them. Regulatory authorities list the ingredients that are allowed in natural cosmetics, including ingredients that help preserve them.

Natural cosmetics manufacturers are replacing the essential oil blend and vacuum packaging with preservatives. All these methods allow you to optimally preserve natural cosmetic products, preventing deterioration.

Are natural cosmetics more expensive than usual?

Many of us think that natural and organic foods have a much higher price tag than regular ones, but this is not the case. As with all cosmetics, we can find a wide variety of prices. They are an alternative to conventional cosmetics available to everyone.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural cosmetics?

When buying any product, it is important to consider its advantages and disadvantages. We have already commented on the many benefits of natural products. To begin with, the natural composition of these products makes them more beneficial to the health of our skin and our body.
The use of natural cosmetics is recommended mainly for people with sensitive skin since it excludes a wide range of artificial products that can cause irritation and hypersensitivity reactions in our skin.

The benefits of natural cosmetics are not limited to the skin, but the fact that they do not contain toxic compounds avoids many of the adverse effects they can cause on our health.

From an aesthetic point of view, natural products do not look as artificial as traditional cosmetics. Thanks to its ingredients, natural products provide better skin hydration. Their regenerative/nutritional capacity is higher and they have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Finally, we have already mentioned that the production of conventional cosmetics is strictly regulated by the official bodies. This way, you can ensure that its production is environmentally friendly and does not require animal testing.

The following list lists the advantages and disadvantages of natural products:
On the downside, some manufacturers may sell products as “natural” when in fact they are not.

On the other hand, some people may have allergies or intolerances to any natural compounds present in natural products.

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