Simple But Effective Virtual Event Engagement Guide For 2022

Looking at the tremendous growth of virtual events, it is safe to say that they are here to stay and are not going anywhere. The event professionals have begun to use virtual events to widen their reach and to achieve their desired numbers. 

While we do agree that virtual events come with their set of advantages which also enable the users to attend the event from their homes, however, it is not as easy as it sounds. 

The distance between the attendees and the host can be quite difficult to mend. Hence, it is important that event organizers use the correct means and strategies to be in sync with the attendees. 

Moreover, audience engagement is quite important and at the same time, quite challenging. Therefore, in this post, we will be telling you about a few strategies that can help you to significantly grow your audience engagement in the year 2022. 

All the mentioned strategies can be implemented quite easily and do not require any special execution. 

Effective Strategies For Hosting A Virtual Event 

  • Include tasting sessions 

Tasting sessions in-between events have become a new strategy for events. Be it wine and cheese tasting or chocolate tasting, including such sessions during the virtual event work as perfect fillers. 

If you are wondering, then yes, you need to send the samples to your attendee’s address much in advance, but it will certainly show you results. Overall, it is a great strategy to instill interest in your attendees. 

  • Display a social media wall 

Ensuring audience engagement is a vital part of virtual events. Hence, you need to look for tools that can help you gain the attention of your audience. A social media wall for virtual events can help you easily gain the engagement of your audience. 

If you are new to the concept of a social media wall, it comprises a collection of social media feeds in a customized and collective format. Your audience is also a part of social media that posts content through their handles. 

Mostly, audiences click selfies, pictures, GIFs, etc., during events and post it on their social media handles. 

Further aggregating and embedding them in the form of a social media wall is a great way to instill excitement in the audience.

The attendees will be excited to see their content featured on the wall. This would further push other attendees to also post content on their social media using your hashtag. 

  • Leverage gamification 

Another sure shot way to ensure engagement between attendees during the event is to include gamification. You can distribute the attendees in different teams and conduct team games like quizzes, trivia, etc. 

Doing so also enables the organizers to break the ice between the attendees. You can also host virtual games like UNO, trivia, etc.

To tap into the competitive streak of your attendees and they will definitely be interested in engaging with you. For more impact, you can also keep fun prizes and vouchers to increase the participation of the attendees. 

  • Use social media for promoting the event

Just like any other event, hosting a virtual event requires proper promotion to ensure maximum attendance. While there are many platforms that can be used to promote the event, you can also use mediums like social media to target your audience. 

You can create an event hashtag and push the potential audience to attend your event. Additionally, you can also ask your followers to spread the word by reposting the content on their social media handles. 

  • Send goody bags 

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Another great strategy to boost the engagement of your audience is to send across goody bags to your audience. You can set the bag according to the budget set by you. 

The bag can comprise articles like keys, t-shirts, bottles, gym bags, etc. Send the goody bags to your attendees way before the event. They will be super excited to receive the bag and moreover, if someone was planning to give the event a miss, they will be compelled to attend it. 

Let’s Wrap It Up! 

We are at the end of this post and you are now aware of a few simple yet effective strategies that can be used by event professionals to host a memorable event. 

Go on now, leverage these tips in your event planning and you will surely witness a positive change.

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