Six Popular Employee Background Verification Myths Debunked

Employee background verification is an executive screening that is indispensable to a company’s recruiting process. Not just applicants, even existing employees must go through this executive screening now and then. It helps uphold the organization’s security and safeguard the employees, assets, culture, and data. 

Though employee background verification is imperative across industries, multiple myths surround it. Thus, many hiring managers overlook it and end up jeopardizing the company’s reputation and credibility. 

Here are a few myths surrounding this executive screening process

Myth #1: Employee Background Verification is primarily for the large enterprises & MNCs

MSMEs believe that only well-established larger organizations require Employee Background Verification. They do not consider it necessary for start-ups and small-scale ventures. Smaller firms are more at risk and have more to lose if they hire a duplicitous person. Hiring is a cost to the company – promotion of the vacancy, multiple interview processes, and training come at a cost. If you end up with a ‘bad hire’, invest all that amount again. Paying a small fee for Employee Background Verification is more cost-effective than going through the entire hiring process all over again. 

Myth #2: Checking an applicant’s criminal record is sufficient

It is helpful to check the applicants’ criminal records, but it is not wise to rely on it solely. The company must scrutinize educational records, drug & alcohol tests, reference checks, and social media to get a holistic picture of the employee. When it comes to checking criminal records, we would need to mention lookupinmate. This website allows you to search all kinds of data. Criminal, court, or even recent arrest records.

Myth #3: Employee background verification is a prolonged process

Many employers think that the executive screening process is slow and very time-consuming. This has changed. With technologically advanced employee background verification and executive screening powered by Artificial intelligence, the process has become scalable, fast, and secure. Verification has become faster with access to real-time dashboards and actionable insights. 

Myth #4: employee background verification is redundant as the applicant information is easily available online

Many companies ignore the official screening process as they believe the candidate information available online will suffice. Scrutinizing common social media platforms & websites will not give the applicants the required or complete picture. These preliminary searches are not conclusive and can risk the establishment with a scam hire. 

Myth #5: Employee Background Verification breaches employee privacy 

Employee Background Verification requires the employees’ consent before it is carried out. It is not the same as spying, as permission needs to be taken before this kind of screening. The company is not invading the applicant’s privacy by doing so. Innovative products used for executive screening are sophisticated with built-in regulatory compliance and data privacy guarantee, ensuring leaks and data breaches are kept at bay. 

Myth #6: Re-screening employees is a redundant process and wastes effort, money, and time 

Companies’ recruitment teams often believe that Employee Background Verification is beneficial when hiring a candidate; and there is no need to repeat the verification once the employee is hired. They feel screening employees periodically wastes money and time. Pre-employment screening is no guarantee that the person will never be involved in something illegal or undesirable behavior in the future. Also, as an employee grows in the firm, they are privy to confidential information. Thus, executive screening from time to time is warranted. 


Hiring is a cumbersome process, no doubt. Integrating an innovative software tool to carry out the screening part of the process, streamline and simplify it. Digital employee screening solutions use ground-breaking artificial intelligence to take care of the company’s authentication challenges. These built-in intelligence platforms make the end-to-end screening process seamless and authentic. Employee verification becomes more scalable, and it is a great way to detect fraud at the first stage and filter out the applicants. 

Hope the blog has cleared myths surrounding Employee Background Verification. It is advisable to take this process seriously to safeguard the organization.

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