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Struggling to sleep on frosty nights?

Looking for ways to sleep all winter long?

Read the following tips to improve your restless winter sleep……

Winter is all about long nights, cozy quilts, hibernation, bonfire, and going on a binge. Getting good night’s sleep at the beginning of winter seems easy, but after mid-December, freezing winters can wreak havoc on your sleep quality. The reason is the suppression of melatonin.

It is a hormone that helps us sleep better and is produced in the body via sun exposure. Due to the scarcity of sunlight, the melatonin level drops down, and we face sleep difficulties. Apart from this, there are several reasons for winter Insomnia. As per the study, sleep neap victims are likely to have respiration-related issues during the chilling winter season.

Whatever be the reason, poor sleep quality makes us feel sluggish and tired for the whole day. It affects our productivity at home as well as at the workplace. Fortunately, technology has many products like bunk warmers to keep us toasty and relaxed all night.

Here we have highlighted seven tips that can help you sleep better on cold nights and wave off the feeling of lethargy.

  • Don’t Skip Exercise

Studies have affirmed that physical activity is indispensable for improving sleep quality and strengthening cardiac rhythms. But, many of us feel less motivated to go outside and exercise in the cold. And this leads to weight gain and sleep apnea. It is better to keep moving in winters too. Walk or do any outdoor physical activity to sleep significantly better. As per the experts, one should exercise for 150 minutes a week in summers as well as winters.

  • Eat Light Food In Dinner 

It is normal to eat warm heavy foods in winters. But, heavy meals at dinner can put a toll on your night sleep. They can cause heartburn and disrupt your digestive tract as well as other body functioning. It is better to take something light in the night before going to bed. Also, avoid excess consumption of whiskey, beer or other alcoholic drinks at dinner time to improve your ZZZs.

  • Use Heated Mattress

Using bunk warmers is another effective way to get relaxed sleep on cold nights. It relaxes your joints & muscles and keeps you warm all night. It is a cost-effective way to soothe tired legs and back. All you have to do is put it on your mattress and switch on the power button. Several trusted brands like Electrowarmth, Sunbeam, Roadtrucker also provide temperature control options in these bunk warmers. Also, you can carry them with you on camping and outdoor trips.

  • Get Sufficient Sunlight

As mentioned above, sun rays produce a hormone called melatonin in our skin, which promotes better sleep. Although basking in the sun is the best way to increase melatonin levels. But in the daily hustle and bustle, we rarely get time to take sunlight. In such a situation, try to take out time on the weekends to have a sunbath. This will surely help to overcome winter’s sleeplessness.

  • Use Humidifiers

In winter, the air is very dry; furthermore, the use of ACs and room heaters is even drier. The low moisture content in the air results in itchy & dry skin and irritates your nose & throat. Itchiness and dry throat can make it difficult to sleep at night. The ideal solution for this is to run a humidifier at your place. This will add adequate moisture to the indoor air and help you sleep better. Don’t forget to clean it regularly to avoid the concentration of mold and mildew in the reservoir. It is also available in a combination of aromatherapy diffusers fragrances that will spread relaxing fragrance through your home.

  • Do Not Overheat Your Place

It is good to keep your place cozy during winters but avoid overheating the house. It causes you to sweat and make you feel uncomfortable, which ultimately affects your sleep. So, regulating the optimum temperature in the house is pivotal. 

  • Consume Supplements

Although supplements are recommended for everyone, if you live in a cloudy region, where sunrises are very rare, taking magnesium supplements can help. Magnesium boosts the melatonin and relaxes restless legs and migraine, helping you get sound sleep in winters.

The Bottom Line-:

Don’t let cold nights interfere with your sleep. Implement the above tips to improve sleep quality on long winter nights.


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