Some Important Facts of the Silicone Manufacturing Industry in 2022

2022 is an important year for the development of the silicone rubberindustry. More and more silicone manufacturers feel some facts that cannot be ignored in the industry. What we need to know is that liquid silicone rubber has a shorter molecular chain, so it can maintain a lower viscosity state. The silicone rubber industry usually uses platinum catalysts for addition reactions, A Agent B contains platinum catalyst, agent B contains bridging agent, agent A and agent B are evenly mixed in proportion, and then cured under certain temperature conditions, so the liquid silicone rubber product is divided into two components A/B for supply.

Advantages of NEWTOP as a Silicone Manufacturer

  1. Faster curing time, overall shorter production cycle and improved productivity.
  2. The production process can be automated.
  3. Due to its good fluidity, it is suitable for the production of components with complex structures.
  4. Double-material molding process can be realized.

 Manufacturing Essentials of Custom Silicone Molding

The manufacturing and customsiliconemolding process of liquid silicone rubber products involves many different elements. To make liquid silicone rubber products well, materials, molds, and molding processes need to be closely matched. And we not only sell liquid silicone products, we are more committed to providing a full range of consulting solutions to help customers produce liquid silicone products more smoothly and efficiently. We are a group of dreamers with unparalleled enthusiasm for liquid silicone, a team full of enthusiasm and innovation, based on our own experience in R&D and manufacturing of world-class silicone brands, to create more high-tech products, so that the silicone rubber industry can be more Good to promote the progress and development of society.Learn more about custom silicone molding services.

NEWTOP professional custom silicone manufacturing

As a professional silicone manufacturer, NEWTOP always puts customers’ needs first, we pursue the highest quality silicone products and the most complete silicone molding services, including silicone compression molding and silicone injection molding.

NEWTOP’s liquid silicone products have a very wide range of hardness (5-80A), with different appearance, transparency and curing conditions. For example, customized silicone parts series, silicone orings, silicone gaskets, etc. Due to different product structures and different mold designs, it is easier for customers to choose the most suitable liquid silicone products.Get to know a reliable silicone manufacturer right away.

NEWTOP focuses on the innovative research and development of liquid silicone rubber, featuring integrated solutions, providing customized silicone molding services to solve related technical problems faced by customers. Product R&D innovation and quality control are our most important cores. We have built an international-level R&D center with high-precision testing and analysis equipment, developed high-performance liquid silicone rubber, and made the best quality. Technical elites strictly control the production process with objective scientific methods.

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