Standard Charges of Household Shifting Services in India

Do you know how much home shifting costs in India? Wanna know the exact packers and movers charges in India for house shifting services? Of course, you can use a house shifting charges calculator online to estimate the moving cost. But, this tool will give you an idea of how much you will be charged for the move. the exact packers and movers charges vary from company to company and according to various reasons.

This blog will let you know about the standard charges of household shifting services in Mumbai, Pune, and other cities in India. You will get to know how a transport company in India estimates its charges or what are the things that are considered to determine the cost of home shifting services in India.

Before we head to our topic – standard charges of household shifting services in India, we will be discussing how a moving company determines its charges.

How do Packers and Movers Estimate Home Shifting Charges in India?

Packers and movers conduct a pre-move survey, where they examine your belongings. They obtain complete information about your move which helps them determine the exact moving price. From considering the volume of the goods to the nature of the goods, what packaging materials will be required, and the size of the truck, everything will be decided during the survey. Afterward, movers will provide the moving estimate to you.

Let’s see the things movers will consider while estimating the home shifting charges: –

  • Goods volume
  • Distance
  • Manpower costing
  • Transportation charges
  • Transit insurance
  • Additional services
  • Applicable taxes

To determine home shifting charges in India, professional packers and movers Mumbai to Bhubaneswar consider all these factors. Apart from these, the company charge higher fees based on the experience and company reputation. So, remember the type of company you have chosen is also a big factor that influence the moving cost.

Packers and Movers Standard Charges for Home Shifting Services in India

The cost of home shifting services in India varies according to the size of your home and the place where you want to relocate to. But, we can still let you know the standard rates of home relocation in India considering the different sizes of houses.

But, this is just an approximate estimation considering the home size, the charges will vary according to the distance to be covered by movers. Let’s see the standard rates of local home shifting in Mumbai.

Standard Charges of Local House Shifting in Mumbai

  • For 1 BHK household goods shifting charges – Rs 3000 – 7000
  • 2 BHK household shifting charges – Rs 8000 – 12,000
  • 2-3 BHK household shifting charges – Rs 10,000 – 15,000
  • 3 BHK household shifting charges – Rs 13,000 – 18,000
  • 4 BHK household shifting charges – Rs 17,000 – 22,000

Well, this was the cost of local home shifting in Mumbai within the range of 40 km. However, there are still some exceptions, which can impact the rates and increase the moving cost.

Let’s see some of the examples when the charges can be influenced-

  • When you don’t have a lift facility in your building and you live on the top floor then the charges will be increased.
  • The truck cannot be parked near your building as there’s not enough space to park the vehicle. This will double the physical effort of movers and packers. Thus, the charges increase.
  • You have bizarre things to get packed and loaded onto the truck.

No matter how hard you try or wherever you go, telling the exact cost of your move or packers and movers is not easy. Of course, the packers and movers charges calculator can help you estimate the home shifting charges. but, this will also tell the standard rates of the moving services and not the exact figure of your moving expenses.

If you want to know how much you will be charged for your move, contact removal companies and get their estimates. Also, moving agencies provide their estimates free of cost. So, you can get multiple quotes from different companies which will help you compare rates as well.

Get Free Moving Quotes to Compare Packers and Movers Mumbai Charges

Search for the ‘best packers and movers near me in Mumbai’ on Google. Make a list of the companies you get on the top list. Later, contact them and get their quotations. Similarly, there are a few web portals that help you hire the top reliable moving companies in Mumbai. And, they provide moving estimates from top-notch movers free of cost.

To collect the quotations, you will have to first share your move details such as – moving date, goods volume, source, and the destination name. After this, the charges will be calculated and you will get quotations from different removal companies that are relevant to your requirements.

Compare packers and movers charges and also see what services the package includes. This will help you to choose the best company that fits your budget and requirements.

In Conclusion

Home relocation charges are not fixed. Also, the price cannot be the same for every type of household relocation. Every home is not the same hence, the charges for every household move cannot be the same. So, contact a packers and movers agency nearby and get the quotation to know their rates.

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