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Just in case you missed it, we stated back in June 2019 that we will be updating the complete certification program to better serve current learners in the context of today’s changing networking landscape, which would include the CCNP. The new program was officially introduced on February 24 and is already in effect. So, what does this shift imply for you and your situation? Increased certification customization possibilities, increased alternatives for recertifying via continuing education, increased acknowledgment for your learning path, and fewer examinations to prepare for are all benefits of the new certification system. Examine some of the most significant modifications we’ve made to the application so far.

The most significant revisions

There are numerous significant modifications to the new CCNP program that are beneficial to you:

  • There are five technological tracks. The new CCNP certification is available in five core technologies, including enterprise, security, service provider, collaboration, and data centre, among others. To demonstrate your expertise in automation and software development, you may take the new DevNet Certified Professional test, which is now accessible.
  • There is just one core test. There will be one focus test. According to the new CCNP program, each CCNP certification requires just two exams: one core test and one concentration exam of your choosing, allowing you to concentrate on your specific interests and requirements. In each core exam, candidates are tested on the basic and common ideas that are essential for them to be successful in a technology architecture environment. However, we recognize that every person’s professional path is unique. Which is why we developed the concentration tests to give you the flexibility to pick how you specialize your talents.
  • There are no requirements. You will not be required to complete any formal requirements in order to begin your certification journey under the new program by Sprintzeal. And you have the option of taking the core and concentration examinations in whatever sequence that is most convenient for you.


  • You may recertify in whatever way you like. You may now recertify at any level of certification by taking tests, earning continuing education credits, or a combination of the two. To find out more about our recertification policy, please visit our website. Oh, and did we mention that the DevNet core and concentration examinations are also accepted for recertifying purposes? Continuing education is a new and vital alternative for keeping your abilities up to date and your certification(s) up to date, and it is becoming more popular.
  • Along the road, you’ll be acknowledged. You will now be given a Specialist certification if you successfully complete a core or focus test. On your journey to achieving the CCNP, you’ll be acknowledged for your efforts and accomplishments.
  • Double points are awarded. Core tests in each technology track also serve as qualifying exams for the CCIE lab exams, which are administered by Cisco. If you pass the core test, you may then take and pass two more exams within three years to get your professional and expert-level certificates.

What if I already hold a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)?

Even if your previous CCNP has been converted to the new CCNP or you’ve completed similar examinations. Bear in mind that the core exam in each technology track also qualifies you to take the CCIE laboratory exam. As a result, you’re just a few steps away from earning your expert certification. Aside from that, any new examinations you take will assist you in recertifying and earning new Specialist certificates. Continue on your learning adventure – it’s a win-win-win plan all around.


So, what are you waiting for? Get started now! If you currently have your CCNP certification, you may want to consider taking additional focus tests to further your knowledge. In your technology route, get right into the automation and programmability emphasis. Alternatively, you may begin studying for the CCIE. You’re just one test away from completing your degree! We also offer tools to assist you if you are just getting started on the route to CCNP certification. Such as this free sample chapter from the CCIE Enterprise Core ENCOR 350-401 Cert Guide from Cisco Press. Which you can download for free. Make a list of your objectives. Make a strategy. And you’ll be on your way to learning. Make an appointment for your test now.

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