The Benefits of Pre Schools as a Business

If your kid is bright and loves to learn, then preschools may just be the right solution for them. Play Schools cater to a child’s needs and help in their development before they join a proper school.  A play school business is bound to thrive with the demand of parents wanting their children to stay ahead of the curb. Several franchises offer to help you set up a successful play school. Let’s look at the benefits of a play school and the requirements to set one up!

Legal Requirement for a Play School          

In 2019 the Government of India approved the Right to Education Act that enabled compulsory education of children between the ages of 6 and 14. The legal requirements to open a play school involve outlining several different factors like a business outline. The business outline mandatorily involves one to submit details of the following:

  • The number of children your preschool intends to cater to.
  • Locations of the infrastructure of the preschool, including safety standards, maintenance information, etc.
  • Financial considerations involved in your play school business like the cost of setting up the school, advertisements, infrastructure, supplies, etc.
  • Play school opening requirements also mandate you to note the teachers you will hire under NCTE standards.
  • The curriculum decided for teaching is also important to be recorded.

Franchises in the education business can help you get done with the legal requirements conveniently as they generally already have a legal team.

What’s the cost involved?

While the cost solely depends on your expertise and the scale of operations, a decent playschool can be set up with an investment of around 12 lakhs. The general expense areas for your play school are teachers, monthly marketing, rent for the space, maintenance bills, marketing, etc. These initial investments once completed the revenue is generated through the enrollment of students every year. We recommend you to use a yearly accounting system as this would give your play school business a better idea of the costs involved.

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What are the benefits of a franchise play school business?

Play school opening requirements are vast in nature. It is recommended that you take up the franchise of a popular institute with an established brand value in the market. The benefits of opening up a playschool with a franchise are:

  • You get the technical expertise of the franchise and this ensures better management.
  • Financing your play school business is easier when done through a franchise model as you don’t need to opt for outside loans.
  • The franchise is interested in helping you run a successful business as their brand image is attached as well.
  • The HR department of the franchise can take care of the recruitment of top-quality teachers for you. This saves you costs and time.

The opening of a play school is often a difficult process. It has a lot of paperwork and additional considerations of finance and quality assurance involved. Taking the help of a franchise is a great way to smoothly set up your play school business. You can find several such franchises online with ease today!

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