The benefits of swimming and lifeguard courses in the pool

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. The benefits of swimming
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. The pluses of the Accede ‘pools
Since we were children we have heard that swimming is the most complete sport for health. But why is it said and is it really so? Let’s find out together and see what are the benefits of swimming , who is it suitable for and what are the main types of activities and lifeguard course in the pool that can be done.

The benefits of swimming
Perfect for training the whole body but especially great for the back and joints , swimming is perhaps the favorite sport of doctors, athletic trainers, physiotherapists and coaches because it is really suitable for all types of people. This is because thanks to the activity in the water, which lightens the body by making it float and protects the joints with fluid movements, the risk of injury is very low .

Main swimming styles and benefits on the muscles
Swimming is a complete workout for the legs, arms, back and hips. Muscle growth in different areas of the body depends on the style of swimming performed. So let’s see the main ones.

Free style and back work mainly the arms and pectorals , but an effort in the GAG area (legs, abs, buttocks) is also necessary to maintain balance. The fast movement of the legs has a modeling action on the quadriceps, calves and foot muscles.

Frog and dolphin foresee the need to put their heads out of the water to breathe. To do this, you have to force yourself with the pectorals, deltoids and biceps . In the lower trunk, on the other hand, the quadriceps work above all, which compared to the other previous styles are trained with greater power to lift the torso to the surface.

Are you wondering how many calories are burned by swimming? With an average swimming session it burns about 400-530 Kcal / hour . Obviously, consumption depends on many variables including the person’s sex, age, metabolism and physical condition.

I ran into the pool
To increase strength in the water you can choose water training programs with weights , wristbands and anklets, with the aim of developing muscle tissue and increasing endurance .

This lifeguard course aims to achieve a high level of cardio-circulatory endurance , a better toning of the abdominals , legs and other muscle groups. The idrospinning and training on hydro bike allows you to intensively train even quadriceps and buttocks , tones and shapes the ‘ inner thighs , shoulders, neck, abdomen and arms (biceps and triceps).

Even the ‘ water aerobics is ideal for those seeking an intense workout without feeling tired of sweating in the gym. Working out in the pool is much more enjoyable (and refreshing!) But offers the same benefits.

The aqua circuit course, for example, includes a series of consecutive high-intensity lessons , with the use of different tools.

For those who are on the other hand a little later in years or in any case looking for a soft workout , it is important to know that you can do gentle gymnastics and Pilates even in water. These types of  lifeguard course are also particularly suitable for pregnant women , expectant mothers who want to promote personal psychophysical well-being and the unborn child.

The pluses of the Accede ‘pools
Our primary goal is to make the pool experience relaxing and rewarding.

For our four pools we only use filtered water heated to 32 degrees .

The special mosaic coverings and the choice of natural and warm materials such as wood, want to help create a welcoming environment , in the name of true relaxation.

In addition, in the summer you can enjoy the sun in our summer Solarium connected to the swimming pools and equipped with deck chairs, umbrellas and outdoor showers . A real cure-all of well-being!

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