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The Best Camera Smartphones For Perfect Travel Photos In 2022

For travellers from all over the world, taking great photos is now a priority. If like us, you love to travel and take unforgettable photos, you must know that it is important to choose the camera smartphones and the right features.

You do not know how many times while travelling we have not been able or wanted to use our camera, either for reasons of safety or comfort. And on those occasions being able to take out your mobile phone in your pocket and take a myriad of photos knowing that the result will be satisfactory makes all the difference in the world.

Indeed we tell you more if you are not a professional photographer, now it almost no longer makes sense to travel with a big and heavy reflex.

We in general have long since made the transition to mirrorless cameras, which are less heavy and bulky for the same performance. But we are content creation professionals and we can’t do without it.

Is a smartphone camera enough to take beautiful photos or do I need a reflex camera?

Of course, Camera Smartphones cannot completely replace a camera, but the latter requires advanced notions of photographic techniques to be used at their best.

The Camera Smartphones, therefore, represents the perfect middle ground, especially for those who want to start. It is possible to take beautiful photos without great effort. 

We have also written an article on how to take pictures with the smartphone-like those of the reflex (within certain limits;)) that will really help you!

With some basic knowledge of photographic technique, a little ” photographer’s eye ” for the right scene, and maybe the official VSA Presets to apply to get the best out of your photos, you can get very impressive results.

We spent months doing the necessary research, trying to navigate thousands of articles, brands and reviews online.

What elements must be taken into consideration to choose the best smartphone for photos? 

First tip: you don’t have to evaluate only the number of megapixels.

It is often thought that an iroad a9 review with a large number of megapixels takes better pictures than others.

Therefore, a greater number of pixels leads to a greater number of captured details. But it is not the only element to consider, on the contrary. It is often the least relevant and is used as a “red herring” by marketing.

The second tip, therefore, is to check the factors that are REALLY relevant, such as:

  1. The opening of the diaphragm:  it is a very important parameter for the quality of the photos; 
  2. The presence of the LED flash, is very useful to compensate for the lack of light. It is efficient and suitable for short distances. N and we have different types: the Dual flash to have more natural tones; the Quad led for better colour rendering; Slow Sync, present in the most recent iPhones, to obtain sharp and natural colours; a front flash, very useful for taking selfies.
  3. The presence of optical stabilization,  also called by the acronym OIS. It is very important to avoid taking pictures full of noise, very blurry and with a blur effect. In practice, it serves to counterbalance the movements and shaking of our hands, and works on both photos and videos. 
  4. The presence of suitable photographic software really makes a difference in the best smartphone for photography. 

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The best “smartphone cameras” we have found for 2022

Today the photographic sector is pulling a lot and every year there are many sales of Camera Smartphones. In the sense that phones with a higher photographic capacity are more appreciated.

There are many models and for every price range: you have to consider that to have a good camera on a smartphone the price can only be on average high, but as we will see there is an excellent middle ground.

Let’s start our list with the most expensive ones, that is, those that fall into the high price range.

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