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Before the internet, being famous was simpler. It was easy for celebrities to have fake bios, press releases and attend public events without being questioned. The press worked with the celebrities and they didn’t have to worry about being found out. When Frank Sinatra divorced his wife to marry Ava Gardner, there was no need for a fake bio and press releases. Even celebrities had servants and a secret life. However, the internet has changed this and now there are more ways to be famous than ever before.

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Living in a fish bowl

The television reality show Life in a Fishbowl has a common theme: The celebrity lives in a glass fishbowl, surrounded by cameras that record everything, from a Negroni made by Stanley Tucci to a tour of Patti LuPone’s basement. As such, it’s easy to forget their place in the greater scheme of things. While they may provide occasional glimmers of entertainment and escapism, they don’t really claim to be anything more than that. The pandemic has made it clear that celebrities are no longer the ones who matter.

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Having servants

In a world where celebrities have become so famous, having servants in their homes has become a necessity. Especially when they are facing public brawls or are in court for scandals involving their marriages or their children, having servants at home can be a dream come true. Actresses such as Reese Witherspoon and Katy Perry have long been considered dream employers. Not only do they make the house look spotless, they also provide spare clothes to their staff.

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Being in an exclusive club

Unlike ordinary people, celebrities often prefer to hang out at exclusive clubs. Typically, they prefer to party in the VIP lounges of nightclubs rather than the open dance floor. This is partly due to their desire for privacy and exclusivity. Even if these types of clubs are more expensive, they do attract a high-profile crowd. In addition to the benefits of exclusivity, celebrities may also be exposed to diseases such as COVID-19 if they do not receive a proper vaccination.

Being famous as a gift

For some people, being famous is a curse. They feel like imposters. This is the result of not believing they deserve success. They fear being discovered by the public as less talented, intelligent, or beautiful than they seem. They may even fear that their fans will judge them based on how they look and behave, which can be damaging. Inadequacy is a normal reaction to fame, but there are ways to deal with it.

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Celebrities often complain about the costs of fame. They are constantly under the microscope, their lives are questioned, and they can’t move around freely without fear of being snapped by the paparazzi. Whether they enjoy the fame or not, they need to consider its advantages and disadvantages before they make the leap. In the long run, fame can be a gift in celebrities’ lives. Here are a few benefits and drawbacks to being famous.

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Having a fighting chance

Having a fighting chance in celebrity life means using every opportunity to be as human as possible. Celebrities should show gratitude for the riches and rewards they have accumulated, but also be grounded in humanistic notions. This book is filled with helpful tips and advice for those looking to make their celebrity lives better. Here are some of those tips. Continue reading to find out how to have a fighting chance in celebrity life!

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