The Common Self-Publishing Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

There is a learning curve for any new venture. However, the learning curve can be steep when it comes to self-publishing. Hiring a book publishing service is rather common these days.  You need to make sure you do everything properly or as perfectly as you can after spending all that time and work writing your book.

The bright side is that many authors have already made and learned from their mistakes. Many of them have been gracious in sharing both their accomplishments and failures. To put it another way, you are now in an advantageous position. You can learn from other people’s experiences in order to improve your own.

Cutting Costs From Your Book’s Cover Design

As the saying goes, “a first impression always last,” so you must consider it when it comes to book sales. Many writers choose to design their own book covers to save money. Unfortunately, adopting the DIY approach might spell doom for your business. It is unless you have a history in book publishing and substantial design skills. 

There are various ways to put your money into your book. However, hiring an experienced book publishing service with a strong reputation can provide you with the most value. This is a classic case of you getting what you pay for, but a polished, professional, and aesthetically stunning book cover is worth its weight in gold in terms of sales.

Writing Unoptimized Book Description

Every bookstore provides you with a page on which you can describe your book to potential readers. It’s another example of making first impressions count because nothing will turn your readers off faster than an uninteresting, meandering, or self-congratulatory book description. 

Reading as many novels as possible in your book’s genre is the best way to learn how to write a solid book description. You will notice a similar pattern in writing and what sorts of narrative features are highlighted rapidly. So, plan to spend some time studying books at your local library or bookstore. You can snuggle up on your computer and browse your favorite online book retailer.

Doing Inadequate Market Analysis and Research

Every year, it is estimated that between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books are self-published. And the majority of them are released through partnerships with a recognized book publishing service. That’s a lot of information. You will need to figure out which books are selling the best and why, what people want to read right now, who your target market is and how to reach them, and whether or not your genre has any competition to get the greatest leverage for selling your book.

Hiring a book publishing service, on the other hand, can be quite beneficial since they are up to date on the newest publishing trends and can assess how your book will do after it is released.

Skipping The Editing Process

Editors are professionals, able to notice typos, misspellings, and grammatical problems from a mile away. They will be ruthless with inconsistencies, plot holes, bad structure, and clichés. Before you employ one, do your own editing and attempt to make the book as clean as possible. Then make sure you are familiar with the many forms of editing that are offered, including developmental editing, content editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

It’s nearly impossible for a single editor to finish all levels of editing in one pass. And different types of editing are necessary for different manuscripts. Hiring a book publishing service is a fantastic choice in this case. They have an experienced team of editors who will polish your manuscript before releasing it to your intended audience.

Making No Efforts with Marketing

If your book is not marketed efficiently, no one will be aware of it, and eventually, no one will buy it. So even if self-published writers wish to be found, it is your obligation to spread the word about your work to as many people as possible, even before it is released.

These days, even traditional publishers are asking writers to help with marketing and social media. Engaging your readers and followers in between the writing process allows them to participate in the process, helping you in spreading the word about your book and purchasing it once it’s published.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that you don’t want to rush the process when it comes to publishing your book. It’s simpler to correct errors before your work is published, and there’s nothing wrong with taking your time and getting it right the first time. Moreover, hiring a book publishing service can significantly help you let your book succeed in a single shot.

You have already completed the most difficult phase of the writing procedure. This is a great accomplishment in and of itself, and it ought to be recognized. Remember that your next book will not only be better, but you will have learned vital experiences as well. You will already have a fan following that will support and encourage you. Even better, every new book you publish will increase sales of your previous books since people will want to see what else you have written.

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