The new rules of Google Remarketing

The new rules of Google Remarketing



Remarketing has been considered a very powerful tool among brands present in the online environment, since it helps to show their ads to those users who have previously shown interest in one of their products or services. Remarketing is responsible for reminding you that this product had interested you.

How is it possible?

All this is thanks to the well-known Cookies that record different data about users: if you have browsed a certain page, if you reached the cart but without completing the purchase, etc.

“By accepting cookies on a page, you become the product”

Cookies are intended to obtain valuable information about the user and thus offer the most personalized experience. However, Google, the great caretaker for the satisfaction of user needs, has decided to take action on the matter and change the rules of the remarketing game giving the user absolute power, offering him the possibility of modifying his display network and allowing you to choose which ads you prefer to see and which you reject completely.

As a user, you will have at your disposal a section called “Account” , where you can manage what you want to mute and what ads you prefer to appear through the “Your Reminder Ads” function . Likewise, you can mute the ads that appear on Google, on websites and Apps, also including remarketing ads , and dynamic remarketing .

Google wants to combat the great intrusion of brands through our devices and believes that power should be in the hands of users.

Thanks to this new Google feature, all the ad formats that will appear will be completely specific and personalized. In addition, to offer the same user experience on all your devices, when you log in to each of them, “mute this ad” will expand this option to all of them.

Companies, for their part, through this new function should pay attention to how Google filters relevance in order to improve the segmentation and performance of their campaigns.

Have you already thought about your new remarketing strategies adapted to this new change that Google has announced?

Some of the Marketing Trends that you must include in your marketing Strategy

As we are aware about search engine positioning importancy, It is important to know some growing trends in the world of marketing.


For 2022, the Crawl Budget and technical SEO will be one of the differentiating factors between our website and the competition. In other words, Google has a certain time to crawl the websites, and based on factors such as loading speed, accessibility, authority and quality, it will make its robots go through the pages that we want or not. In the event that the Crawl Budget that Google assigns to its crawlers is not enough to regularly crawl some pages of our site, it may not be positioned properly, since the pages that are most regularly crawled receive more organic traffic than those that are not visited by Googlebots.


When optimizing the content of our blog, it is advisable to use Q&A to generate content since Google is giving a lot of weight to the possible questions asked by users. Using a heading based on questions and that the content that is generated on that page is the answer can be a good option, since more and more people are including these possible questions and answers in the SERPs.


It is an attractive option to reach our target audience and in fact companies like IKEA and Snapchat already have it integrated into their platforms. Augmented Reality offers the possibility of transforming a static object, such as a print advertisement or a magazine cover, into an immersive 3D experience. Through it, you will collaborate in increasing awareness of your brand due to the surprise factor that is generated around it.


Facebook already offers the possibility of incorporating the WhatsApp contact button in the ads on its social network. Likewise, there is a tool called Doppler that allows subscribers to share the Email Campaigns received by this application.


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