The Perfect Suit for the Perfect Wedding

A wedding, as it sounds, is the dream every soul visions for their future. And looking the best at your wedding is undoubtedly a ‘must.’ With the wedding season waltzing on the rim, the showrooms of Australia are shimmering with the vibrancies of wedding suits.

But the question is how to look the best at your wedding? The colour combinations, the accessories, the styling, and every other minute detail screams for an expert’s vision. It is time to handpick the right style for the event of your life.

The contest of colours

Selecting a shade for your wedding outfit is necessary before making any accessory choices, such as your footwear, neckpiece, bow ties, or cufflinks. You must lay the groundwork for your wedding attire when you pick the hue of your elegant statement.

1.     Beaming blues

A blue wedding suit is a safe bet, whether it’s the traditional navy or a deep blue. They bring out the colour in the accents of your clothing and go great with either black or brown footwear. A classic navy traditional male tux jacket is often quite dark, which serves its purpose well for sunset weddings. Black shoes and neckties will tone up a navy suit. Also, brown Oxfords and bow ties soften an ensemble with a navy suit as its focal point.

Blue men’s wedding attires have the luxury of accentuating almost any shade you mix with them. Due to its lighter tint, it is also preferable for midday nuptials. Either go all crazy with colour (imagine a vivid pocket square) or keep it simple with greys and monochrome blues.

2.     Gorgeous greys

The grey suit is a classic for one obvious purpose: it’s sophisticated yet can be toned down. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate grey suit colour for the season, time of day, or the general theme of your wedding. You also have several choices when it comes to grey.

Charcoal is a classic suit shade that works well for formal and twilight weddings. A fresh white dress shirt will stand out against the deep charcoal tone.

In the autumn and winter of Australia, charcoal is also fantastic, especially when worn with a vest. Grey is the colour to choose if you want a suit that will work with everything. The light finish is appropriate for both daylight and twilight ceremonies. Also, it is a good balance of formal and informal.

3.     Black is beautiful

If a jet-black tux is an A-list choice for the wedding wows, then accessorising it with a bit of colour won’t harm you. Although, there is no denying the fact that classic black and whites are the evergreen style icons.

There are better choices for ceremonies in the spring month or summer time. However, wearing a black suit is very suitable for autumn and winter. The prince charming will look dapper at the altar wearing silver cufflinks and sparkling black loafers.

Zipping up

The finest picks described above will make the lucky guy stand out in myriad ways. Blacks, greys, beige, pastels, and magnificent blue are the best colours for wedding suits. Stylish accessories will instantly glam you up.

It is time to get one of the finest in your wardrobe, as the wedding bells are already ringing in the vibes of Australia.

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