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The Reasons for Testing Radon in the House- Some Facts Uncovered

It is hard to accept the fact that the house that we are living in is not safe for our families. Everyone feels safe and healthy when we are at home.  Knowing that your house has radon gas all around is scary and can leave you depressed. The good news is it is possible to lower the levels and make it safe for your children and all other family members. Radon gas is radioactive in nature and cannot be detected without performing radon testing in New Jersey

Properties of radon gas

Radon gas is present in most parts of the United States and the states show that every house has this harmful gas. However, it should not exceed the acceptable levels as directed by the EPA department. This gas comes into existence by naturally breaking down Uranium present in the soil, air, and water. This way, it makes its way to your house through cracks of concrete, walls, ceiling, and roof. The house can trap this gas inside after it has entered from different sources.

Presence of radon gas in homes

Any home can trap this gas such as new, old, well-constructed, with or without a basement, or even sealed houses. This gas enters the house without any alert. That’s why it is highly recommend to get the test done because you and your family can get expose to this gas while being at home and the exposure may be higher as time passes by. If your house is found to have higher levels of radon gas, you should contact a repute company and get a radon mitigation system in your house.

The reliability of radon testing in your house

Many homeowners believe that if the house in their neighborhood is found to have lower or higher levels of this gas, their houses also have the same levels. It should be note that the only way to know the exact levels of radon in your home is to get it teste. To do so, you need to contact a reliable company so that you can get accurate results.

A radon mitigation system can be install in your house if your house is test to have higher levels of radon. A professional will visit your house and analyze the best part where this system should be place to get the maximum results. By getting this system, you can ensure that your family enjoys good health. 

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