The world needs a better power storage unit

Energy Storage System-Fulfilling the need for Reliable and Storable Energy

Energy is a need of the modern efficient and scalable ways that could be helpful world; it is because of the fact that in the modern world. Almost everything is being operated by the consumption of energy. The irregular nature of the power that is being supplied by the use of natural resources that are in the form of wind, solar, water, or sometimes in the form of non-renewable types of resources like fossil fuel, coal, etc.

Solution for storing energy

That has brought us to the solution in the form of storing and supplying energy in the form of electricity. Energy system makers have designed these storage systems in a way that even if the wind is not blowing anymore or the sun is not shining anymore and when the grids are unable to produce the energy, these energy storage systems will ensure the supply of power is not interrupted at any point.

Energy Storage Systems or Batteries are the same

If we have considered a stable and more reliable source that is excellent in providing a continuous supply of electricity that is uninterrupted and is ideal for storage of electricity at a large scale, the only option that comes to our mind is the energy-storing batteries since the batteries are known to be the most common option when it comes to the use of a storage device that can store a large amount of energy that can be used to supply uninterrupted energy when needed.


Moreover, the innovation that we get to see in the technology of the batteries has made it an even more desirable option because of the fact that now they are seen to be more long-lasting, reliable options with greater capacities and different variations that make them even more unique and ideal options for the grid-scale development.

Common types of Batteries Used

The type of batteries that are used most commonly is called lithium-ion batteries. Although, initially, they were developed by a lot of companies to use consumer electronics. However, with a little modification, they were later introduced for commercial usage as they can be transformed into larger-format cells that could be used for applications that require stored energy. Another factor that promotes the use of these batteries is the flexibility and the factor of reliability of the technology that makes these batteries superior in a lot of ways as they can be used as rechargeable batteries as well.

Developments in the Energy Storage Systems

  1. The development in the form of these batteries does not just simply end here. Although these batteries were initially developed for consumer electronics. But can be seen being used in rechargeable devices like cellphones, laptops, and various other devices that could store energy in various applications.
  2. Moreover, due to the flexibility of these batteries. We see that they are being used in the industry of electric vehicles. As they are being used as small but high-power batteries for hybrid power buffering thus increasing the effectiveness of the vehicles in the form high energy batteries in electronic vehicles.

Despite developing these types of batteries, they are still not given as much attention as it deserves. Opponents and supporters have claimed that when this technology comes out from tests and becomes practical in terms of use.

Traditional Batteries

In addition to traditional lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery. This kind of battery also utilizes metal hydride  (hybrid), nickel-hydrogen, tungsten-oxide and many other types of material. In order to achieve the benefits offered by them since these batteries do not lose their charge due to overcharging.

These examples show the development of Sodium Metal Hydride (NaMH) battery, Nickel Iron Phosphate Battery, Lithium/Sodium Copper Synergy Cell , All Solid State LiFePO4 Batteries. Some also suggest that it would reduce the weight of the batteries and give a better power output. Regarding lithium-ion, another development using lithium and cobalt is going on. As the purpose of this battery is energy density – that means you can use less amount of it while amplifying electric current. Based on its weight in comparison to other types of existing batteries.

Cost Factor

The cost factor also plays an important role. In testing whether they are feasible since one needs to overcome crude oil. However, considering the material research and other installations done in these countries of production. It is safe to say that these batteries will cause a positive impact over time. As they can be used to replace some technologies being currently tested.

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