These’re 7 Latest Trends that must be followed for custom box

Previously, the packaging was inconvenient, non-functional, unaesthetic, and uninspiring. Most of the packaging solutions available today are still following the same strategy. The intelligent product manufacturers have correctly grasped the fact that an exceptional custom box can create brand value. It is, for this reason, several packaging design ideas are trending in the market right now. These design ideas create exceptional unboxing experiences for the customers and promise value in return for purchase. If your brand is still not investing in these trendy ideas, you are missing a big branding opportunity.


Several brands are adopting a minimalistic design approach for their custom boxes. It is a unique concept that neither overwhelms nor isolates the viewers. It feels timeless and fresh, and most importantly, gives a clean and simple look to your product. Never take inspiration from the brands that employ each and every visual in the design just to get noticed. They may succeed in hooking the attention of the audience but in a negative way. Follow the latest trend of being simple in your design approach that has provided tremendous beneficial results. To achieve this, you can go for bold typography against a white background of the packages. Or, you can also slot in a splash of colors in the design against a clean background.

Recyclable packaging:

Going green is the slogan of everyone and has become a recent trend in the packaging world. The packaging alone is responsible for almost one-third of the total waste residing in the landfills and thus impacting the environment. The market leaders are now shifting their focus towards introducing an eco-friendly perspective to their packaging design. Follow this trend to give a fresh look to your products and highlight your earth-inspired nature. The tactile feel of the recycled material promotes positive customer experiences. When eco-friendly packages are paired with aesthetics, they reinforce the idea that your brand is helping the environment. Various wholesale boxes businesses can help you getting recyclable packaging designs.

Neutral palettes:

The neutral palettes are a real hit, not just in fashion but in the packaging world as well. Going for the bold palettes in the packaging design is a thing of the past now. They are rendered as a cliché since they take the focus away from the main message being conveyed. The mixing of neutral shades gives a classic look and feel to your items. They also create an eye-catching effect that provides a comfortable sense of calmness to the target audience. Keep this design trend in mind for getting effective visual appeal that makes the customers fall in love with your brand.

Retro themes:

To make an innovative design for custom printed boxes, the brands need to be aware of the recent styles and movements. One such style is to go for retro or vintage-inspired themes that contain both creativeness and old-school nuances. With such designs, the customers just cannot help remembering the past that establishes an emotional connection with your brand. They will remember the good old experiences with you and keep buying your items again and again.

Handmade feel:

Another fine trend is to design the custom boxes in a way that they project a handmade feel. To achieve this, you can incorporate the text that looks handwritten or portray a homemade effect. There are many handwritten typefaces that make the printed text look as it is written by hand. Such a design serves as an emotional appeal for the target audience. It is a great way to connect the nostalgia of the potential clients with the products you are selling.

Creative cutouts:

Showcasing the products within the custom packages is a huge design trend in the saturated market of today. These packages have a great influence on potential customers. Not just that, but they also convey a secretive message that you are not afraid to show your items. Make sure to design the cutouts that promote a hands-on interaction. It would make the clients stop, take a closer peek at your packaged items, and feel the overall experience.

Portable design:

It is a recent trend that focuses on revolutionizing customer experiences. If there is any way to grab your prospective clients through heartstrings, it is by offering them a portable box design. For this purpose, you can attach cardboard-built handles to the lid of your custom packages. Ensure that these handles are detachable as well for space-saving matters during shipping. These handling mechanisms alter the traditional carrying experiences and leave long-lasting impressions on the people.

These latest trends are a great inspiration for designing your own custom box that looks one of its kind. While incorporating these trends, it is pertinent to maintain authenticity to truly reflect your brand. Trends are meant to be changed over time, but the brand values stay forever in the minds of customers.

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