Thesis Writing Tips for PhD Students

Almost all the PhD students have concerns about their PhD thesis. They may have different reasons for this anxiety like many students are engaged in multiple tasks at a time. They have to manage their jobs and studies altogether and cope with the challenges of both their academic and social lives so it becomes difficult for them to write their PhD thesis.

Also, there may be students who are confused about what are the essentials for a PhD thesis and are looking for a guideline to start working on their thesis. So here are some easy and most useful tips for writing a thesis that can benefit all the students having concerns regarding their PhD thesis.

Be Clear on Your Goals

You should determine what you want to achieve with your PhD thesis.

  • Identify your purpose
  • Assess the worth of the selected topic
  • Think about what you are going to explore and how you’ll present it
  • Plan your research methodology

Do your research before selecting the topic.

If you are writing a dissertation for your PHD, you must have written dissertations before – and you might be thinking, “I have done dissertations before, I have a topic in mind and now I can start writing”. You might be well versed with the dissertation writing process – but it is still advisable to have meetings with your research supervisor regarding your research topic before you start working on your dissertation.

Draw an Outline of the Ideas

Mind map your ideas on a paper that you would add to your thesis. Align them chronologically, thematically, and theoretically. It will help you proceed with your work in an organized manner.

Carry Out an In-Depth Research

Start your research according to the ideas and topic. Avoid going into irrelevant material while searching for the information because it can divert your attention and take you away from the actual idea. Consider the following points for your research work.

Use Authentic Sources

Remember in your research that the websites you visit to collect the information should be authentic. An unknown website may hold inaccurate and misleading information that will be a drawback for your PhD thesis.

Read Thoroughly

Don’t rush while reading. Spend enough time on a website to read each word carefully because if you just go through it hastily, you may not get the complete idea of what is said and discussed in a post or article.

Collect the Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Carry out qualitative and quantitative research to gather different perspectives about the issue concerned with your research topic and collect statistics, facts, and figures. Note down each of your findings carefully and clearly so that later you can add them to your PhD thesis perfectly.

Schedule the Writing Process

You should make an appropriate schedule to proceed with your thesis in a well-managed way. The below-stated points can help you make a fruitful timetable.

Divide your Chapters Days-wise

A PhD thesis contains many chapters. You should divide these chapters days-wise. Determine how much time you have to complete your thesis and how many chapters you have to write in a day, then work accordingly.

Set Specific Hours for Writing

Set your writing goals and specify hours to complete your daily target. For example, you have to write a chapter in one day then you should decide how many hours do you need to get done. Done work for so long because it will lose your interest.

Add Breaks in your Timetable

You should take breaks in-between your working hours. Short chilling breaks always boost the energy level ad provide you with new ideas. After a refreshing break, you will feel that you have got a new power of thinking, analyzing, and writing.

Write an Engaging Literature review

A literature review should be the most engaging one. Your literature review shows your command of the subject and your intellectual capabilities so you should focus on the following points while choosing texts for literature review.

Add Known Authors

The use of literary work done by the known authors makes your information credible and gives strong backing to your idea. Also, they help you to build concrete arguments and address a potential debate.

Articles and Papers from Journals

Use scholarly journals to include literary articles ad appear to present in your literature review.

Make Several Drafts and Cite Properly

You should not rely on your first draft. After completing one draft, you should proofread and edit. Then make another draft with amendments and so on. Keep making modifications each time. Also, cite properly using the required referencing styles to avoid plagiarism.

Take Experts Help

The students who can’t do their thesis by themselves due to some job or any other reason may also take help from online PhD thesis writing services to carry out their task effectively and perfectly.


These simple tips can assist you in dealing efficiently with the challenging task of PhD thesis writing. You must be keen to follow the above-mentioned suggestions.

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