Three Tested Methods to Unblock YouTube on Mobile and PC

YouTube is blocked outside of the US for a variety of reasons. Without knowing the precise problem, Unblock YouTube on Mobile and PC becomes a laborious task. YouTube videos cannot be seen outside of the US due to the owner’s permission.

Owners of videos consent to their content being made explicitly available on YouTube for a given geographical area. No one can see the YouTube videos outside of that region without first unblocking them. When you access the YouTube video using an IP address from outside the region or nation where it is lawful to do so. A notice stating “This video is not accessible in your country” appears.

How to use a VPN to unblock YouTube

Even if YouTube sites are blocked in your area, a VPN enables you to access them. It not only protects your identity on public Wi-Fi networks but also anonymizes your internet activity.

It hides the YouTube channels that your ISP has blacklisted, acting as a moderator between the server and you. You can therefore access the YouTube videos without having to worry. The key components of a VPN are performance, speed, and dependability.

NordVPN will show to be an excellent alternative if you need to unblock YouTube at school, whether it’s for referencing a do-it-yourself project from a foreign school or college. The VPN encrypts all data sent over the internet in addition to hiding your IP. You are no longer irritated by pointless advertisements or sneaky advertisers who threaten to steal your personal data. You can simply access foreign channels’ material by unblocking YouTubeSSL of those channels.

NordVPN is the best when it comes to data security and protection against identity theft. YouTube gathers information on user privacy, but a VPN can help you prevent that. Being a reliable VPN, NordVPN can unblock YouTube and provide you access to videos everywhere.

This YouTube region unblocker is very unique in its field.

Knowing these NordVPN features will help you unblock YouTube effectively:

With NordVPN, you may easily access other websites including YouTube from different countries. It guarantees that any malware or spyware attacks won’t prevent you from working safely over public Wi-Fi.

By blocking intrusive ads and hiding your IP address and personal information from scammers, it deters online invaders.

With a single NordVPN account, up to 6 devices across platforms are supported.

It ensures that your bandwidth is not overused, even while you are travelling internationally.

You can watch YouTube videos without any geographical restrictions and browse the internet safely with NordVPN’s IPs, proxy browser add-ons, and VPN apps.

If the video guide is not sufficient, let’s learn how to unblock YouTube videos.

The first step in using NordVPN is to download it from the NordVPN website. The “Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter” checkbox must then be selected, followed by the “Next” button. You must now click the “Install” button in order to download the software to your computer.

Step 2: Run the app on your computer after downloading it. To connect to the server, you must first log into your account and then tap the “Quick Connect” button. You can access the YouTube unblocked version of any video as soon as the nation pin light becomes green.

How to use a proxy to unblock YouTube

Using proxy websites is another technique to unblock YouTube for free when travelling. Your request is received by these proxies, who then reroute it through an additional machine.

There are both public and private proxy servers. Private proxies provide greater consistency and dependability while typically being paid for. These proxies help you get around prohibited foreign websites and enable you to access YouTube in your own country without any restrictions.

They give you anonymous access to watch or read content from throughout the world as a YouTube country unblocker.

The drawbacks of using proxies include:

They are insecure because hackers may attack them at any time.

As your data is transferred to the proxy, there is a chance that scammers would use cyberattacks to leak the data.

You cannot pause a free unblocked YouTube video while you are watching it.

They frequently merely shield the browser, not your internet traffic.

Your privacy and security are at risk because some of them even disclose your actual IP address to the parent site.

The configuration for the browser, email, and third-party programmes must be done independently.

How to use proxies to access YouTube videos that are blocked

You must first search online for a chosen proxy site server via which you can access YouTube and watch your favourite videos.

YouTube proxy unblocking instructions

We will use as an example in this situation. Go to “” and select the Youtube button at the bottom-center of the page. That’s it; using the proxy site’s server, you can now temporarily browse YouTube on your computer.
how to use a proxy tool to Unblock YouTube on Mobile and PC.

How to use browser extensions to unblock YouTube

When it comes to streaming and unblocking YouTube, browser add-ons are also viable solutions.

In places with limited internet connection, such as schools, colleges, or workplaces, you can Unblock YouTube on Mobile and PC and other prohibited websites. You must first pick a reliable browser before you can unblock the YouTube website. To unblock international YouTube channels and videos, search for it on Google.

As it employs networks of proxy servers to access the web effortlessly, you receive better speed.

Problems with browser extensions

Choosing a specific place when online browsing is not possible. It is chosen by the extension on its own.

It immediately connects to websites that aren’t restricted, which could jeopardise your privacy.

Following are the procedures to unblock YouTube without any restrictions (we used the friGate3 browser plugin as an example):

Install the browser extension that you downloaded from the internet. Next, press the friGate3 extension icon and set the YouTube channel you wish to view material from on a whitelist.

YouTube video unblocking browser add-on

You only need to activate the friGate3 after that to gain access to the unblocked YouTube website.

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