Tips for Choosing a Custom Body Pillow

A custom body pillow can be a wonderful addition to your home if you’re struggling with health problems, aches and pains, or if you just want a more luxurious night’s sleep. But there are so many different types of custom pillows out there that it’s hard to know which one to choose. What should you look for? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect custom body pillow to meet your needs and preferences.

What Is A Body Pillow?

A body pillow is just a regular pillow that is tailored to fit the curves of your body. They are typically filled with foam or fiber and then covered in silk, velvet, or cotton. In Japan, they are called dakimakura which literally translates to hugging pillow. Dakimakura aren’t just for sleeping on either; they can also be used as props in photos or as cushions for your laptop or tablet. To learn more about the various kinds of pillows and how to choose one that’s right for you, keep reading! There are two different shapes available for dakimakura: rectangular and circular. Rectangular pillows will best fit those who want to lie down straight on their back while circular ones are better suited for those who sleep with their arms folded over their chest or side-by-side with their partner. The amount of coverage offered by each type varies depending on the shape; rounder shapes offer less coverage than rectangular shapes but make up for it by allowing you to use them like a huggy armchair! Whether rectangular or round, all our pillows come in an enormous variety of sizes so you can find something perfect no matter what your height is. What size do I need? Measure from your shoulder blades to the end of your spine. It should be at least 6 inches shorter than this length if you’re going for a square-shaped pillow and 5 inches shorter if you’re going for a rounder shape. Remember, pillows don’t last forever (especially not when they’re not washed regularly) so we recommend buying 2 at once so you always have a spare when it comes time to rotate them out!

Consider Your Options

When choosing a custom body pillow, you’ll want to consider your options. What material do you want? Do you want it filled with feathers, foam, or down? Do you prefer cotton or silk fabric? Do you have any allergies? Your answers to these questions will help narrow down the perfect pillow for you. For example, if you’re looking for a feather pillow but are allergic to feathers, then that might not be the best option. You may want to look into filling and fabrics more closely before making a decision. One of the most popular materials used in pillows is memory foam, which can last up to five years when cared for properly. However, memory foam pillows also need time to decompress after being shipped and can cause neck pain in some people. You’ll also want to consider what shape is right for you: A traditional rectangular shaped pillow, a c-shaped pillow (a better choice if you sleep on your stomach), or an L-shaped pillow (ideal for those who sleep on their sides).

Understand The Different Types Of Body Pillows

Body pillows come in all shapes and sizes, so the first step is to figure out which shape best suits your needs. Do you sleep on your back or stomach? Do you have back pain or other sleeping problems? Is one side of your body heavier than the other? Knowing what kind of sleeper you are will help narrow down your options.

There are three main types of body pillows: U-shaped, C-shaped, and J-shaped. A u-shaped pillow wraps around your entire body while a j-shaped pillow hugs just your head and neck. A c-shaped pillow wraps around both sides of your body, meaning it can be used on either side. Some people find that they need two different shaped pillows depending on how they’re sleeping (i.e., one person may prefer a u-pillow when sleeping on their back but switch to a j-pillow when they sleep on their stomach). It’s also important to consider whether you want arm rests as these might be useful for people with shoulder issues or snoring.

How Big Should My Customized Body Pillow Be?

The size of your custom body pillow will depend on the size of your bed. If you have a queen sized bed, you may want to get a 20 x 54 body pillow. For example, if you are 5’5, then the 20x 54 size will be perfect for you. This is because it is long enough to stretch from your head to toe and wide enough to wrap around your whole torso comfortably. This is also true if you’re shorter or taller than this height range. The best way to know what size would work best for you is by measuring the length of your bed and figuring out how tall you are (from head to toe). To figure out the width of your bed, measure from one side to the other and divide that number in half. So if your bed is 60 inches across, 30 inches will be the width of your customized body pillow. Your neck should always be supported while using a neck pillow; make sure that the height of your customized body pillow matches up with the height of your shoulder blades when lying down on it. It’s also important to consider whether or not you sleep alone. Single-sided pillows offer support from only one side but two-sided pillows provide support from both sides and can help reduce snoring!

How Will I Wash And Care For My New Best Friend?

It is important to consider how you will wash and care for your new best friend. There are many different fabrics, materials, and covers to choose from, which can make it difficult to decide on the perfect one. When choosing the fabric for your body pillow, you should keep in mind that some fabrics (i.e., silk) may be more delicate than others (i.e., cotton). If you are unsure of what type of fabric would work best in your environment, then opt for a cover made of satin or polyester. Satin is great because it has an easy-to-clean surface and doesn’t show dirt as easily as other fabrics might.

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