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Tips for Commercial Property Investment In Mumbai to Maximize Your Returns

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If you are looking to invest in real estate, Mumbai is a great destination. But do you know how to identify the right commercial property for investment? This decision is critical. If you choose incorrectly, your chances of making a profit are slim at best. So how do you find a suitable property investment in Mumbai?

Here are a few tips and pointers to help you with making the right decision:

Seek for Locations with Nearby Infrastructure

It’s a great option to invest in property near a major city or a town where infrastructure is being developed. Availability of infrastructure and transportation links is a significant indicator of future price appreciation. It is a good idea to seek out areas with plenty of transportation links and infrastructure, such as expressways, highways, metro stations, airports, etc. In addition, shopping malls, hospitals, and educational institutions are also great indicators.

Consider Commercial Property Investments over Residential

Investing in commercial property is a good idea. It can fetch substantial rentals from tenants. It also reduces your risk of vacancy and gives better returns on investment over time. However, it is essential to carry out the due diligence process for checking the creditworthiness of the potential tenants thoroughly. All this and more calls for a real estate partner that can help you find suitable properties with the maximum potential for returns.

Go for Branded Developers

Branded developers come with a prolific record of visionary projects, practically eliminating the risks related to design flaws and project delays. On the downside, they often charge a premium price for their projects. But another upside is that such projects can fetch better returns from resells or rentals since they are more trustworthy.

Avoid Properties that can be Difficult to Rent Out

Even if you are considering the property investment in Mumbai for personal usage, it never hurts to go for one that can be rented out in the future if the need arises. Areas with lots of vacant apartments nearby or ceaseless construction can make it challenging to find tenants in the long run, forcing you to reduce the rent. Similarly, a commercial property that is located next to a noisy factory may have to reduce the rent, making it unfavorable for investment.

Leverage Fractional Ownership Opportunities

If you are looking for Property Investment In Mumbai in the commercial space but are constantly being put away by extreme pricing, consider opting for fractional ownership. It is a great way to invest in high-end commercial property without having to shell out the hefty price tag. Under this, a pool of investors come together to purchase a single piece of commercial property. Each investor owns a share of the common asset, proportionate to their contribution. So essentially, you are investing in a single property but part-owning it.

How Myre Capital Can Help You Find Your Dream Real Estate Investment

Myre Capital is democratising property investment in Mumbai and other top cities by helping investors earn 8-10% monthly rental income along with an annual capital appreciation of 17-25% IRR. This is made possible with a tech-enabled platform that implements predictive analysis across 30+ data points to design the best real estate investment strategy for their clients.

The result is a plethora of benefits that every investor can realize, such as:

  • Opportunity to fractionally invest in A-grade commercial properties in Mumbai.
  • Regular access to institutional-grade investments.
  • End-to-end support that includes property identification, acquisition, management, and exit.
  • High liquidity and exit options empowered by a tech-enabled platform.
  • Zero management fees for the untenanted period of an asset.
  • Transparent investment process with detailed reports and 100% disclosures.
  • Customized MYRE dashboard for every investor to track asset performance round the clock.

Learn more about how you can easily create your commercial real estate portfolio today.

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