Tips for Growing Cannabis in Cold Climates

Tips for Growing Cannabis in Cold Climates

If you say that I love growing marijuana, then you shouldn’t freak out when it comes to growing weed in cold climates. Growing cannabis in a cold environment has certain added advantages. Look at the below-given tips to grow weed in cooler weather and demystify the stigmas that come with farming weed in cold climates. 


Choose The Right Strain

When you grow marijuana in cold weather, you need to look for strains labeled cool or cold designation. It would help if you bred this outside and are primarily capable of flowering in the Northern Latitudes. It’s better to choose the Indica strains: genres from Afghanistan, Netherlands, Canada, and the Himalayas that do well in cold-temperature conditions. 


Maintain A Consistent Temperature

The temperature changes from day to night in the cold areas are extreme, and maintaining a consistent temperature helps create widely-spaced internodes that are robust and compact. You need to keep the temperature fluctuations to the minimum to strive against the temperature gaps, most notably during the second and third week of the flowering period. Unless you grow strands specially engineered to withstand the extreme cold weather, it is always wise to be aware of the environment. So, if you feel that the temperature is too hard for you and gives you the chills, it’s doing the same to your crop. The weather is the essential criterion as it impacts the size, quality, and yield.


Humidity Needs Managing

The temperature and humidity are the top factors that need controlling, especially in cold climates. The warm air contains more water, including more humidity, whereas the cold air is dry and has lower humidity. The relative humidity generally differs on the growing stage of the plant. The young plants at the vegetation stage require forty to sixty percent humidity level.

If you are having trouble maintaining the proper humidity level during the cold weather, then you can use a few of these simple tricks:

  • Manually add water to the plant.
  • Moisten the soil surfaces without over-wetting them
  • Drape dampened clothes around the growing surface of the plant
  • Invest in buying larger capacity humidifiers. 

It is also essential that the plant is vulnerable to many molds to more excellent down the temperature. But make sure that the weather is not too damp as it leads to the rapid growth of molds that destroys the entire crop.



Cannabis plants require nutrients to produce healthy and larger yields. So, it is essential to understand the effects of the cold climate on cultivating the potent buds. In areas where the air is dry, you will need more moisture, and more water intake also means that the roots are pulling in more nutrients. But make sure that it doesn’t take in too many nutrients as it will lead to burning tips and yellow leaves. On the other hand, when roots are too cold, they tighten up and do not allow the optimum amount of nutrients. It leads to phosphorus lock up, which is terrible for the flowering stage. 

Conclusively if you are a person who says I love growing marijuana, then these tips will help you grow your crops successfully in cold climates.


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