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Tips For Installing Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts

If you’ve never done it before, installing wheelchair lifts may appear to be a large undertaking. We believe you can do anything with a little patience, talent, and extra hands if you’re handy and can comprehend the directions. We’ve compiled a list of useful hints to make things easier for you. When you’re completed, providing access in and out of the house for a family member or friend who uses a wheelchair will feel great.


Wheelchair lifts, often known as platform lifts, let disabled people overcome architectural constraints. Barriers are any obstacles that prevent a person from navigating an area, such as stairs, high countertops, or steep slopes. A wheelchair lift assists by lifting and lowering its rider over and through obstructions. Considerations: Wheelchair lift manufacturers provide a number of package options. These alternatives vary depending on the installation site and the code requirements in each jurisdiction. Fixed and movable types, outside packages, 90° or side door exits, and keyed operation are all options.

Who Requires Wheelchair Lifts?

Disabled or convalescent people who need assistance navigating around their home and managers attempting to make their site more accessible require a wheelchair lift. Considerations: Wheelchair lifts aren’t just for people who use wheelchairs. Furthermore, anyone who has difficulties navigating barriers around their home or in public may benefit from a lift. Religious buildings, schools, parks, and convention centers, are frequently public facilities that require platform lifts.


There are numerous reasons to invest in a wheelchair lift as a means of gaining access. For example, if there is limited space for installation or storage in a certain place, a wheelchair lift may be able to provide the necessary access without taking up much space. Some public venues, such as theatres or hotels, may, on the other hand, be more interested in the aesthetics of employing a low-profile lift rather than a wider ramp.
What to Consider while Choosing Outdoor wheelchair Lifts:

1. The wheelchair lifts design is user-friendly.

The wheelchair lift platform should be developed with two primary considerations in mind. Firstly, wheelchair construction. Secondly, easy access to the platform. Check to see that the platform size fits the wheelchair size and structure before placing an order. Additionally, sufficient room on the platform should be reserved to modify the orientation of the wheelchair throughout the lifting and lowering procedure.

2. Determine the lifting height

To install an interior wheelchair lift, you must first measure the ceiling height and floor height of your building. In the case of outdoor wheelchair lift installation, you should directly measure the vertical height of the stairs or the floor height to determine the lifting height. Any faults will cause installation issues or failure.

3. Keep installation space free.

Enough installation space and a good position are critical to the future operation of a wheelchair lift. It is difficult to adjust or replace the installation site after installing it. A suitable location that is accessible for wheelchair users’ access will make it easier for them to reach higher floors.

4. Consider safety measures.

Accidents or even injuries might occur during the service life of a wheelchair lift due to poor design or the absence of protection equipment. Common safety systems that can avoid accidents when power failures or other emergencies occur include an emergency drop button on the platform, guardrails, a manual lowering valve, safety doors with interlocks, a remote controller, and so on.

5. User-friendly operation and control

Wheelchair lift users are a distinct population with varying degrees of disability. As a result, user-centered operation and simple control methods are essential for their pleasant experience. Designs that necessitate a high level of dexterity and strength to enter the platform or operate the wheelchair lift are not suitable.   Wheelchair lifts are motorised platforms that move a sedentary person up and down stairs or from one level to another, similar to an elevator. They are utilised inside and outside the home. When a ramp is too steep, it is difficult for a person in a wheelchair to negotiate, an outside wheelchair lift is frequently used.

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