Tips for Networking in a Hybrid World

By now, you are probably tired of hearing how the pandemic changed the world. Most of us are exhausted to live in a world where virus fears are taking over everything. Talking about the pandemic, living with it, and even avoiding it has drained our energies.

However, the good part is that we are now in a different world. In a world that is not close to the pre-pandemic lifestyle but far from the coronavirus spread and fears. The way we work, commute and interact with others in this new world is different. Even the way we think has changed. Everything is different, and we have no other option but to accept it. What remains before us is now a hybrid world with a hybrid work culture to conduct all sorts of personal and professional interactions. Hybrid life is here to stay. 

In the past two years, we all have learned multiple ways to attend important meetings from the comfort (or discomfort, depending on the situation) of our homes. From wearing sweatpants in a business meeting to spending hours to find internet providers for homes, our choices and behaviors have shifted massively. 

So far, those who have already understood what the hybrid work culture demands are navigating into the new reality. However, here are some tips for those having a hard time networking with their leaders, peers, and potential customers in a hybrid world.  

Have a Plan

Just like in the regular world, networking in a hybrid world demands some serious planning. Without planning your networking setting, you will not network but only socialize. You first need to make sure you understand what your objectives are and determine which type of people are your goals for networking. It is important to identify whom you want to meet and how to plan to get to know those people. You have to make an action plan and make sure you hold yourself accountable.

One of the great things about networking in a hybrid world is that you have all the power to manage your time. You can set your goals and write them down only to spend your time where it is required the most.

Show Up

This tip might seem obvious to you, but many people do not try to show up at events for hybrid networking. You have to go out and talk to people, and by this, we mean talking to everyone. You have to invest time to practice the right way to talk, even if it requires you to head over to the local coffee shop near your place. You can simply show up at a socializing place and spend a few minutes practicing talking. Also, you can show up a little early at the meeting to practice chatting with a few colleagues and managers before your team shows up.

You have to make an effort to find events that interest you. All you how to do is sign up for the events and then show up. You can think of different ways to expand your networking group with different social media sites and more.

Virtual Events

In the past two years, we have seen the world go virtual. From holiday parties to watching movies, we have seen people enjoying life virtually. However, for making the most out of a virtual event you need to have a stable internet service like one from Spectrum that offers prompt customer support via Spectrum Chat. If you have a team that is spread across the world, virtual events are a good option to keep people connected and practice networking.

Bottom Line

There You Are!

In the world where we live – hybrid culture is a long-term reality. You have to remember the connections you make and put an effort into building quality connections through planned networking. Good Luck!


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