Tips For Using A High Pressure Washer In Your Car

Tips For Using A High Pressure Washer In Your Car

Need a high pressure washer to clean your car? Well, the answer varies from person to person. In fact, some people use garden hoses to clean tools. Some people don’t even use a garden hose. Armed with towels and a bucket of water, they are good at wiping dirt and dust from vehicles.

So, why a high-pressure washer for automobiles? The answer lies in timeliness and cleaning quality. This method is time consuming, not to mention the manual labor that accompanies the work. Even with perfect cleaning, it is almost impossible to clean the entire vehicle. Is it like cleaning engine parts with a garden hose for example?

Quality and time factors require the use of high-pressure cleaners in cars. However, there are two things a janitor should consider. First, not all types of machines are suitable for cleaning vehicles. Second, a high pressure washer is not a simple machine with decent performance. Its immense power can inflict great damage if not used carefully.

Here are some useful tips for using a high pressure washer.


Keep your distance

A high pressure washer is a powerful cleaning device. The outlet pressure of the high pressure washer best suited for vehicle cleaning is 1500 psi or less.

Do not stand too close to the vehicle. The exhaust port of the high-pressure washer for vehicles can face the cleaner body. Maintaining an appropriate distance when using vehicle detailing equipment is safe for both the vehicle and cleaning staff.

Pay attention to the quality of the paint.

Not all vehicles have the same paint quality. If your vehicle’s paint quality is poor, apply low pressure to your vehicle. The best pressure washers are those under 1500 psi.

If you can’t reduce the burden on your vehicle detailing equipment, your best bet is to move further away from the vehicle. Some things about car cleaning can only be learned through experience.

Start over

When using a portable pressure washer, it is recommended to start cleaning from the top and gradually move to the lower part. Otherwise, you will have to continue cleaning the surface to be cleaned.

Do not use stairs

When using an electric washer as a portable automatic vacuum cleaner, do not climb stairs to clean the vehicle roof. As mentioned earlier, high pressure washer is very efficient. When the output hits the vehicle surface, the reaction can push it back. If there are people on the ladder, there is a risk of falling.

Own safety

It is recommended that you take all safety precautions when using a portable car wash. The maximum power of a portable car wash can easily fall off the skin and cause injury. In addition, high steam temperatures of up to 250°F must be taken into account when operating the machine. Clean your vehicle safely or hire a professional.

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