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Tips to Use Ginger-Garlic Paste While Cooking

Ginger Garlic Paste Manufacturers

Ginger and garlic are perhaps one of the most iconic condiments used in an Asian household. Not only it is good for health, but it is also one of the core ingredients used in Indian cuisines.

When blended in a paste, this delectable combination can enhance your dish in the best way possible. It lifts the flavor and aroma of your recipe and is a pleasant inclusion for many foodies out there.

For people who wish to save themselves from the hassle of DIY, the Ginger Garlic Paste Manufacturers have made it readily available across all markets for your convenience. So feel free to try it out!

Here are some ways to bring out that refreshing zing by using this paste—



As a replacement

Many Indian recipes require ginger and garlic as separate ingredients. It is a cumbersome task that involves peeling and blending— all of which is resolved by ginger-garlic paste. It is definitely a beneficial replacement for that savory taste!

A blissful addition to marination

Soaking the meat with marinade before cooking is possibly the best way to infuse your desired taste into it. It is a simple yet effective way to enhance and bind the spices to your meat. The ginger-garlic paste helps eliminate any unfavorable odor and infuses that extra relish for all you biryani lovers.

For tempering your spices

It works as an amazing base to add along with the spices such as cumin, turmeric, red chili, etc. Tempering, or tadka, is usually done for your dal and sambhars by frying all the necessary spices and onions for a flavorful experience. It is advisable to take care while frying since it is quick to burn your paste.

Your curry’s best friend

The ideal method to get the most out of your paste is to add it to your sautéed onions, with or without tomatoes. It is not only an enhancer to your base masala and preparation, but it also ensures that the taste fuses and complements other ingredients of your dish. Plus, it prevents your paste from burning.

Mince and mix!

Stuffed brinjal, bread pakodas, garlic bread, and even steamed momos—stuffing mix is something that governs and dominates the taste of these delicacies. Ginger-garlic paste is quite an enjoyable addition to reaching that extra mile with your preparation. Your lip-smacking samosas and stuffed kulchas have never looked more tempting with this super ingredient!

Add it to your chutney and dip

Chutneys have played a role in traditional Indian dishes for time immemorial. Using the paste gives it an earthy and fresh twist, making it a delectable addition to your masala dosas and chappatis. As for your dips and sauces, it is an exquisite addition to your condiment.

It is quite a remarkable elixir for your delicious endeavors. With its rising popularity, its usage has also increased exponentially across India. Ginger-garlic paste suppliers have not only found their place in restaurants and hotels but also your refrigerators. Therefore, it is certainly worth experimenting in your kitchen with this powerful ingredient!


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