Top 10 High-Potential Tech Start-Ups in the UK

10 Amazing Tech Start Ups in Britain

Nowadays, many people change their careers and leave their jobs to become entrepreneurs. They all have amazing business ideas, and their companies have the potential to grow at an exponential rate. While there are hundreds of startups operating in the UK, these 10 startups have an extremely bright future ahead of them, as they are gathering the investors’ attention and money. Look at these startups that are likely to hit the ground running in 2022 to learn a thing or two.

1. SumUp

SumUp is a finance-related startup that develops smooth and easily usable payment processing infrastructural systems for small businesses. Their system allows business owners to send and receive payments through various mediums. SumUp also helps businesses analyse the financial aspects of their operations, including sales, taxation, and expenditures.

SumUp has recently launched new features, including mobile payment support and SumUp invoices. As many small-scale businesses are operating in Britain’s rural and urban areas, it has the potential of going huge in the future, at its already getting a lot of funding.

2. is another fin-tech startup on this list. It aims to make transactions and payments easier and more efficient for small and mid-sized businesses. The ISP of is it is fully customisable. You can customise your payment software according to your company’s policies or operational protocols. You can also customise the software according to regional payment methods. The software is also intelligent enough to protect users from various frauds and offers real-time data visualisation.

3. Zopa

Zopa made taking small loans a lot easier for British users by introducing a peer-to-peer or P2P loaning model. Individuals can either apply for loans or lend their money to other users without worrying about payback, as Zopa ensures direct debit repayments. Moreover, you can lend your money to different borrowers.

Zopa makes P2P lending quite easy, smooth, and reliable. You can apply for personal loans up to £25k. Also, they have introduced car loans and credit cards. Zopa isn’t a new startup, as it was founded back in 2005. However, it’s gradually increasing its user base in the UK and has gathered a lot of funding.

4. Diffblue

Diffblue is an AI-powered software that makes testing an automated and extremely easy task. It can also code some basic programs automatically. It’s great for Java developers who have to code unit tests frequently. Software testing is one of the biggest bottlenecks of any coding project. As a result, programmers often have to rewrite their code, even though they haven’t got much wrong with it. Diffblue’s AI tester will detect issues in your code in real time, allowing you to remove errors while coding. Moreover, Diffblue can write common programs and connect them with your current code for lengthy codes.

5. Karakuri

Imagine Gordon Ramsey showing up in a fully automated restaurant in an episode of Hell Kitchen, only to find out robots are running the whole restaurant. Well, Karakuri can turn this bizarre dream into reality.

Karakuri aims to revolutionise restaurants by introducing a completely automated catering and food preparing system. It is a startup trying to bring robots into a hustling and bustling restaurant kitchen. These bots are highly intelligent and can prepare food quickly with utter perfection. Their system will also work on not wasting food, ensuring efficiency. Also, these bots can keep the food quality consistent. Karakuri is also promoting healthier dining options compared to fast food.

6. Snyk

Cybersecurity is one of the largest concerns all kinds of companies have. Data is more valued than ever these days. This is why businesses want their apps, websites, and overall infrastructure to be safe from various threats. Snyk is a high-potential cybersecurity startup in the UK that helps you fix security-related inefficiencies and bugs in your source code.

Snyk will also alert developers about various security threats to be fixed. Thanks to this startup, developers will never have to hire penetration testers to analyse the security protocols of their app, software, or website.

7. Appii

Blockchain is growing rapidly; however, it’s not just about cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology has many potential uses, and Appii uses it to authenticate the CV and documents submitted by job candidates and employees.

Appii can also check the previous background of candidates, including their work history and educational qualifications. Using their platform is extremely simple. This is a very important tool, as fake documentation is a highly illegal practice in many parts of the world. Moreover, Appii ensures you hire the best professionals according to your requirements.

8. Oxford VR

Have you ever visited a therapist? If yes, you might agree we often like to sit on a comfortable sofa and open up on whatever’s wrong with our lives more than the therapy itself. But, while remote therapists can assist you via video or audio call, it’s just not that satisfying.

Oxford VR is a very intelligent startup that aims to use virtual reality in therapy. Oxford VR allows customers to solve their common issues via VR-powered personalised therapy sessions. Since it got founded in 2016, Oxford VR has been helping customers think positively and be grateful for whatever they have in life.

9. Cleo

Let’s face it, most of us mismanage our finances more often than we’d like to admit. However, through Cleo, which is a great finance management app, you can manage your finance, avoid unnecessary expenses, and save a lot every month. In addition, Cleo can be used for both personal and business-related purposes.

Cleo uses AI to monitor your financial activities and helps you stick to a budget. It will also help you with bills and other utility payments. Cleo also has a very quirky virtual assistant, and it will take a dig on you whenever you’re spending money unnecessarily. Moreover, it keeps your details safe by protecting its system through highly advanced cybersecurity protocols.

10. Revolut

Are you a frequent traveller who hates going to a currency exchange to buy the currency of the country you’re visiting? Then, you should go for Revolut! It is a startup that eliminated the need of exchanging currency before travelling anywhere in the world through its live exchange rate debit cards. Instead, no matter which country you’re in, you can use Revolut’s debit card and spend the local currency of the country you’re in without any additional fees.

You can use your Revolut’s card in 150 countries and store up to 27 different currencies in your account at once. Other facilities Revolut offers include current medical insurance accounts, and they have even introduced cryptocurrency wallets.

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