Top 5 NFL Betting Strategies

American football is not a sport that is practiced by the masses but it is one of the most exciting for the Mexican public. The NFL is a high-profile show that attracts millions of viewers every year, especially when it comes to the Super Bowl, one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Our guide aims to introduce you to the top 5 NFL betting strategies. Betting always requires a strategy, unless you want to depend on good fortune, and American football is one of the most difficult sports to predict. In this sense, it is essential to carry out strategies that allow us to obtain profits in the medium or long term by betting on the NFL. Our experts have been testing different tactics when betting on different sports for a long time and this time we will share with you what are the best strategies for betting on the NFL, although some can surely also be applied in other football leagues such as the NCAAF or the CFL. Click here to 22Bet in-play live betting

  1. Taking the spread on mid-tier teams

As in any sport, in American football, you can bet on the winning team of a game, but it often happens that the favorite teams have very low odds that do not look attractive to bet on, while the Underdog’s odds can be high but the odds of a win are few. In this sense, the Spread is one of the markets that you will be able to get the most out of since the bookmaker matches the odds of both teams and in the event that you want to bet on the Spread of the underdog team, you will receive an advantage of points before starting the game. In the NFL it is not very common to see games that are determined by large markers, as it happens in college football, so the spread of the underdog team is one of the best options, much more so if it goes as a visitor since the bookmaker will increase the odds and thereby increase the line of points that you can receive at the start of the match. You can apply this strategy taking into account those mid-level teams, which may not win many games but also do not lose them by much difference in points, thus having a greater opportunity to cover the spread.

  1. Alternative spread on local teams

Although underestimated by many, being home is a huge advantage in many sports, and football is no exception. Local teams usually have more chances of winning a game, the public and the state of the field are details to consider and that many teams can take advantage of. However, many mid-level teams have to host the biggest NFL teams in their stadiums, and for these games, they obviously start as underdogs. In this sense, it is quite profitable to bet on the Spread of these teams, but taking one of the alternative lines that Bet365 offers us, increasing the number of points to receive a little, to have greater chances of winning. Applying this strategy in the medium term, at least during the first half of the NFL season, you will surely be able to achieve considerable benefits.

  1. Bet on defensive teams

American football is characterized by having different actors when it comes to defending or attacking the field of play. There are teams that are characterized by scoring a lot of points, either because they have a very good quarterback or because they are accompanied by very good players; while there are other teams in which the defensive aspect predominates, capable of containing the rival offense for a long time. You may think that the most likely thing in this type of match is to bet on the Under, but the truth is that the bookmakers usually establish lines very close to the average points or the points that there will possibly be in a match, which complicates a bit to be successful in this market. Defensive teams are great to bet on, whether they are favorites or underdogs. In the case of the favorites, we recommend Sports betting on the winner or taking the Spread, as long as it is not too high, preferably if it does not involve winning by more than one Touchdown. On the other hand, if it is a team that does not look favorable, you can receive the points of the Spread as long as the rival team is not an overwhelming team on offense.

  1. Bet against losing streaks

The NFL season is very short and teams that want to compete can’t afford to lose too many games, much less consecutively. It is very common to see that some teams that are favorites end up losing the game, but it is very rare that they will lose two or three in a row, something that would be lethal for their aspirations. The teams that come from losing will seek to give everything on the field to find victory, so it is a great opportunity to apply this one of the best strategies for NFL betting.

  1. Do not take very high spreads

More than a strategy, this is a very important tip that you have to take into account if you really want to be successful in betting on the NFL. There are teams that look very solid and are wide favorites to win their games, but that does not imply that they will do it by large point differences, so think twice before giving handicaps greater than 10 points.

Bet365 is the ideal site to develop the best strategies for NFL betting

You can implement all these strategies in almost any bookmaker on the market, although we will always recommend doing it on a website licensed to operate legally in Mexico. Not all bookmakers have the same offer and when comparing, you will surely notice that Bet365 gives you much more in terms of quality and quantity, therefore it represents the best option to carry out the best strategies for NFL betting.

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