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Animating cartoons is no longer a tricky business. We are seeing a huge influx in cartoon animation makers—now more than ever.

Not just this, technology is paving its way to make things easier for everyone. But since our scope is limited to animation apps here, we’ll only be talking about the animation world.

To animate a character today, you don’t necessarily have to invest in a high-quality PC or other gadgets. Downloading an intuitive application from Play Store or App Store will work just the same.

But which ones should you blindly trust and download?

Continue reading because you’ll find the answer here. This space will cover some of the well-equipped cartoon maker apps that feel at home on Android and iOS, both!

Recommended Cartoon Video Makers on Android and iOS [2022]

  1. FilmoraPro

Available for iOS and Android.

FilmoraPro is fairly new on the block. It lies more towards the professional end with advanced customization and built-in animation features for its users. The latest version offers some of the most modern features for video editings, such as auto-reframe, AR stickers, and more.

Despite originally being for professionals, FilmoraPro has an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. Besides, the rendering speed and editing options are far more professional.

Because of FilmoraPro, it is now a matter of seconds to transform a normal video into an animated one. You can also adjust the colors and add different text to your videos.

Since FilmoraPro is a professional cartoon maker app saturated with advanced features, you will need an efficient processor and RAM to fully utilize it.

  1. Animation Desk

Available for iOS and Android.

If you want an ideal cartoon video maker, Animation Desk is a risk-free option. From multiple export options to professional animation edits, there’s nothing that this software leaves behind.

This software appeals to professionals as it isn’t just aesthetically appealing but equipped with better icons. When opting for Animation Desk, you’re deciding to work with multiple audios and soundtracks in a single animation. This way, the animation looks more polished and put together.

It definitely isn’t like other animation makers, it’s sleeker with a breathtaking design.

Just a heads-up though, this app is more inclined towards drawing. So, if drawing isn’t your plus point—you should surf through the other options we’ve listed here.

  1. FlipaClip – Cartoon Animation Software

Available for iOS and Android.

At some point in time, we all have thought of having our own cartoon characters. Functioning on the principle of frame-by-frame animation, FlipaClip is your go-to cartoon video maker app.

Offering multiple text and drawing tools, this cartoon maker app has made animating cartoons a breeze. Above all, it supports sharing cartoon videos on almost every social media platform. You can create wow-moments through the extensive audio library available in the app.

Although, the software ensures ease by supporting several layers of drawing; they are limited to 10 layers only. As a user, you cannot exceed more than these layers. Having approximate 10 million downloads, this app is definitely worth your time.

  1. Toontastic 3D

Available for iOS and Android.

You know your story the best so, choose Toontastic. It is a pixel-perfect, fantastic app in a true sense allowing users to draw characters or choose them directly from the toolbox. If you are in to animate without compromising on creativity, this cool app should be your go-to!

The process begins with animating characters and landing on a setting for yourself. Once, you are done with the characters, start moving them around.

With such an efficient app, telling stories is now easier than ever. You can mix the music of your choice with the soundtrack and export the animation to your friends and family.

  1. Adobe Spark

Available for iOS and Android.

Absolutely free to download with a few in-app purchases, Adobe Spark is certainly worth your time. You can either go for the presets available to get yourself an animation existing in your imagination. If not, you can also utilize the animation features in this app for more professional-looking cartoons.

Among the many pros of Adobe Spark are the flexibility of colors and seamless navigation. Animating cartoon characters using this software results in better animations that can instantly be shared too!

Wrapping it up

To wrap it up, we’d say it’s important to acknowledge your animation experience and objectives. Don’t plunge directly into it, take your time understanding the various cartoon makers and then land on the one that seems like a perfect fit.

Trying your hand at different cartoon video makers is great and all, but it’s advisable to not expect a brand-specific, professional-looking cartoon. Well, that’s because neatness comes after years of experience.

For a painless cartoon animation process that also guarantees exceptional quality, you need to rely on one of the animation production companies. You can have access to all the powerful video makers but if you don’t have the time and skillset to invest, then it isn’t worth it.

You can directly ping us with your project details or go through some of the best 2D animation companies in the USA. Hopefully, visiting this page will help you out in making an informed decision for yourself!



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