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Top Window Air Conditioners With Advanced Cooling Features

Hot and sultry summer days can become cool and comfortable only when you have turned on your AC. You can find the option of choosing between window AC and split AC. But, as you are looking for a low-maintenance and low-cost solution, the window air conditioner is a better choice. However, from Vanguard to Mitsubishi air conditioners, there are lots of options available for consumers. As a modern consumer, you like to buy an Air Conditioner with technologically advanced features.

Is window AC the right choice for you?

 When you have a tight budget and no space constraint, you may choose window AC. However, this AC model is not best for those who live in a rental house.

Find the list of carefully chosen window air conditioners-

Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC 5W12GBTLV

Blue Star has released a premium quality window air conditioner with advanced features. This 1-ton model is perfect for covering 120 Square feet. Thus, it is best for any medium-sized room.

The unique feature of this Blue Star AC is the Virus Deactivation Technology The special Virus Deactivation Filter has a chemically coated filtration material. While the air passes through the filter, it can neutralize harmful bacteria and viruses. You will breathe in fresh and cool air.

Thus, you can keep away from air-borne contaminants by installing this AC. 

The integrated modes of this AC are Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, Dehumidification Mode, and Auto Mode. Turbo Mode helps in faster cooling, and thus, your room will become cool within a short time. Moreover, Sleep Mode is helpful to control your room’s temperature. 

The temperature level may increase by 0.5- 1 degrees Celsius in one hour. Thus, your room will stay cool for long hours, and you will save energy. If you want then you can also get Blue Star AC on lowest EMI from Bajaj EMI Store.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5-Star Window AC 

Voltas is one of the trusted brands providing high-quality air conditioners with an efficient cooling capacity. You can install this 1.5 Ton window ac in your small rooms and offices.

The copper conditioner coil fitted with the window AC can last long. The system includes multiple filters to remove dust and bacteria from your indoor air. This 1.5-ton AC does not consume much energy. Also, you can turn on the Eco Mode to control power consumption and reduce utility bill costs. Moreover, other built-in modes include turbo mode, timer, auto-restart, and sleep mode.

Due to the rotary compressors, rotors start rotating in different directions while air passes through them. Check out other details before placing an order for this window air conditioning system. 

Lloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window AC

With 3-star energy ratings, this window air conditioner does not consume a high amount of electricity. This economical and easily installable air conditioner will work effectively for a large room. The AC can cool a space of about 151 to 200 square feet.

The AC is integrated with an advanced air filter to remove dust from the space. The cool, purified air will keep you healthy. Another brilliant technology is the smart LED display that reveals the operation status.

Most importantly, the AC is available with a self-diagnosis feature. When it has some issues, it has an internal mechanism to detect them. Furthermore, a 100% copper condenser ensures the cooling efficiency of the system. It also results in a better heat transfer rate.

The corrosion-resistant copper condenser does not need much maintenance. Besides, you can control the cooling unit with your remote controller.

Mitsubishi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Mitsubishi Electric has released a series of split AC and window AC. This 1.5 ton Mitsubishi air conditioner gives you the best value with an efficient cooling mechanism.

Like any other reliable ACs, Mitsubishi has used the Auto Restart function for this cooling system. Frequent power cuts can affect the longevity of a system. The system readjusts the AC’s settings. However, due to the Auto Restart function, your AC will have a track of the previous settings and restore them automatically when the power is back. You will not need to adjust your AC several times.

The environment-friendly R410A refrigerant used for the Mitsubishi air conditioner is better than R22 due to the higher absorption of heat. Mitsubishi has chosen this AC to prevent adverse effects on the ozone layer.

Guide to buying the best window air conditioner

  • Noise level- The compressor of the cooling system should not make much noise.
  • Copper condenser coil- The AC condenser coil needs to be made of copper to avoid corrosion
  • Dehumidifier- It helps in reducing the humidity level in your air.
  • Smart control system- Voice Control and Wi-Fi are some smart features available with modern ACs.
  • Advanced modes- From Eco Mode to Turbo Mode, different options are integrated with the best ACs.

You may have already decided on buying the window AC for your room. To purchase it at a reasonable rate, you can visit Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. 

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