Truth About Corrugated Boxes in 10 Steps

Even in the 2020s, corrugated boxes are the go-to choice of every business around. At first glance, they do not appear as high-tech packages, but they are perfect in every aspect. From food to cosmetics and electronics to the cannabis industry, you can see them everywhere.

They possess some distinctive properties that render them ideal for delivery and shipping purposes. When it comes to making a statement on the retail shelves, they never disappoint you on that front too. Let us view the truths about them that most of you are not adequately aware of.

The Prelude:

Henry Norris and Robert Thompson were the first ones to introduce corrugated packaging in 1894. Only after a year of their production were they sold for delivery and shipping purposes. They outclassed the traditional wooden boxes that were primarily used for shipping matters before. The added features of lightness, durability, and inexpensiveness gave them an advantage over other packaging solutions.

Easy handling and storage:

Corrugated shipping boxes are incredibly convenient to handle during the loading and unloading stages of the product delivery process. It is easy to install a handling mechanism on the lid and at the sides to give a perfect grip when carrying products. The ability to get folded up makes them even more helpful because they consume very little space when not in use.

Durable than all:

The added protection is the foremost reason why everyone tends to buy corrugated boxes in Australia. They are often made single-walled to appear thinner and flimsier to you, but they can still shield the packaged contents from unwanted damage. Each wall is made from two outer layers of paperboard that sandwich the inner fluted layer of corrugated sheet. The layers at the outer side tend to offer rigidity to the boxes, while the inner layer cushions the inside items from sensitive pressures and critical loads.

A remedy to budget concerns:

A corrugated box is within the range of every retail company that needs to package and ship different products. The material used in making this box is inexpensive because of its sourcing from less costly wood fibers. The cost savings offered by this box does not end here as there are many more ways a business can cut down its expenditures through this box.

Purchasing of corrugated boxes wholesale boxes has soared because everyone can get the same package at a relatively lower price. The boxes also outweigh traditional packaging solutions by curtailing the shipping expenses of various businesses.

Fit well around the items:

Unnecessary packaging has remained a challenge for product manufacturers as they have to bear additional costs for that. Not just that, such packaging is also a threat to the originality of items. Businesses buy corrugated boxes to address these most common problems. These packages allow you to proffer absolute protection to items by designing them in suitable dimensions. Such perfect fits are essential to put an end to undesirable lateral and to-and-fro movements of packaged items.

Customizable appearance:

Appearance is what gets sold in the consumer market, even more than the product quality. Having a printable texture, corrugated packaging is a suitable base for all the printing options, including offset, digital, and screen printing. You can customize it with a blend of colors and other visual elements to turn it into an unavoidable billboard for your brand. There is no extent to the way corrugated packages can be customized. Various add-ons like die-cut windows, foiling, etc., embellishments, and finishes are at your disposal to make them pique the interest of potential clients.


Although corrugated shipping boxes are made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, they never add to the weight of packaged products. Even if you place them on a measuring scale, the needles will hardly deflect. Such lightness proves critically suitable for easy loading in mailing and transportation.

Best for subscription:

Many consumers around the world subscribe to the weekly and monthly delivery of some products and services of a particular brand. Corrugated boxes in Australia are best for sending subscriptions to consumers. They let the brands offer a unique and curated experience to the target consumers. With every periodic delivery, the consumers can be targeted with beautiful themes and color schemes that keep them loyal to your brand.

Endless applications:

The application of corrugated packages is simply endless, as you can see their use in a wide range of industries. The food industry is one of the major consumers of these boxes as their materials are less germy and sanitized. The cosmetic industry is second on the list that is highly satisfactory by the use of these packages. Likewise, numerous industries, including medical, hemp, and electronic, employ these handy boxes.

Do not get waste:

In this world where packaging waste is growing aggressively, corrugated packages are a blessing. They have an extended life and allow you to keep them in a minted condition when they are not intended to be used. After serving their chief purpose to deliver the items safely, the consumers can capitalize on their durable nature to meet their storage and shifting needs.

Recyclability is another trait that makes them greatly useful for businesses because there is no need to invest in the newer materials again. After they have reached a recycling limit, they still do not result in any waste because of their swift decomposition property.

Corrugated boxes are an ideal shipping and storage choice because they offer protection to all fragile products because of their enhanced strength. From their customizable nature to cost-effectiveness and nature-friendliness, there are excellent reasons why they are worldwide famous.

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