Types and Classification of Computer

A computer is a type of device, designed to process data and convert it into usable information. For instance, computers run a program that helps in processing data and performing various tasks based on the instructions define at the end of the program. As a result, computers can process data with very little human assistance. Following are some of he notable Classification of computers.

  • Landing airplanes
  • Painting books
  • Controlling space flight
  • Turning on lights at a specified time
  • Inventory management

Different Types of Computer

There are three Main Types of Computer

  • Analog computer
  • Digital computer
  • Hybrid computer

Analog computers can effectively evaluate physical quantities and represent the same in the form of information. As a result, it is highly effective in solving dynamic problems and simulation complex physical systems. Moreover, Unlock computers have no provision for man-machine interaction, graphic display, or recording because it comprises high-speed computing elements used for simulated mathematical operations, dynamic processes, and physical systems. For instance, components are arranged in a manner that they represent physical systems. As a result, primitive special purpose and lock computers were the slide rule, curve meter, harmonic analyzer, and plane meter.

Digital Computer

It can process numerical data with the help of digital circuits. The reason behind the invention of digital computers is that the human race needed a machine that can perform different calculations and logical operations at a very high speed. The digital computers accept the raw data in binary number digits (0 and 1).

Digital numbers are unbeatable for high-speed results in arithmetic operations, data storage, and documentation purposes. It can perform only one calculation at a time, for instance.

In results can be Indian different forms like magnetic tape or purchase cards. As a result, the accuracy of digital computers is relatively higher and can process bulk calculations at a time.

Hybrid Computer

A hybrid computer is a combination of digital and analog computers. It makes use of an analog to digital conversion system for ease of calculation. For instance, they have a similar speed as analog computers and have the same memory and accuracy as digital computers.

Main function of Hybrid computer is to solve a specific issue and different types of components are embedded in the system to perform that particular task. There are mainly 3 types of Hybrid computers including General-Purpose Hybrid computers, Special-Purpose Hybrid computers and Large Electronic Hybrid computers.

Classification of Computers

Computers are available in different sizes and forms depending on their intended purpose.

  • Mainframe computer
  • Supercomputer
  • Minicomputer
  • Microcomputer
  • Mainframe computer

Such kinds of computers are used by large organizations as they need to frequently access bulk volumes of data that are organized into large databases. As a result, airlines make use of mainframe computers for flight schedules, ticket reservations, and other purposes.


It is the most powerful of all the please off the computer. These systems can process huge information in shortest possible time. For example, two computers are capable of performing one trillion calculations every second. Moreover, the speed and power of supercomputers make them suitable for managing large and complex problems with the decision. However, the cost of supercomputers can be billions of dollars depending on its application.

Classification of Computer


Minicomputer has got its name for its small size. For instance, some Minicomputer examples include Honeywell200, TI-990, and IBM’s AS/400e.


Microcomputer typically refers to a personal computing device for individual use. Microcomputers were developed in 1981 and are relatively low-powered machines. However, over time several manufacturers came along to develop various types of microcomputers for the common people.

Classification of Computers

Computers can be classified on the basis of their data handling capabilities or their sizes. As a result, almost all sectors of the industry are dependent on computing devices for their day-to-day operations. Moreover, without computers, the everyday life of people would have been a lot different.

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