Smart Contracts in Blockchain

What is a smart contract in blockchain?

The modernisation of things makes the path hard for hackers. Sound interesting. Of course yes because the advancement of technology makes a system more informed and hacking free. Blockchain is one of them. It is a system for recording information with a critical attribute to cheat, hack or manipulate. It is used for creating a transparent ledger to compile data on sales, track digital payments and many more. One of the modern aspects of Blockchain is “Smart Contract”. It is a program stored on blockchain by meeting predetermined conditions. In simple terms, it is a computer protocol that aid to verify, controlling or executing the agreement. This process enables in eliminating the role of middlemen for executing the transaction.

Overview of the Smart Contract

A smart contract enables the system to control the transfer of digital assets between the parties. It is executed in the designer manner (coded, programmed) by the developer. Traditional contracts are enforceable by law and smart contracts are enforceable by code.

It is just a digital contract enabled with the security coding of the blockchain. The things are written in a way so that it triggers the same thing that needs to be read by the user from the mentioned terms and conditions. Every smart contract includes its address in the blockchain.

Uses of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are used in various fields. It is not limited to one or two industries but is famous for its safe and secure features. It is trustworthy and maintains transparency as well. Some examples of its diversified use are as follow:

Voting System:

Smart contracts help in making a secure environment that makes the voting system less susceptible to change or manipulation. The system is ledger protected and hard to decode. Previously the system was inefficient and can be changed easily, but now it is transferred online through the smart contract.


The record of patients is encoded with a private key. Some specific individuals have access to it. The smart contract enables the confidentiality and security of the patients. The receipts of patients can be stored easily on blockchain and shared with the insurance company. The digital ledger is helpful for different aspects like drugs supervision, regulation compliance, & supply management.

None of the industries are lefts alone from blockchain technology. The digital ledger helps in the complete recording of transactions without any fear of manipulation and change. The defined person can get access to the digitalise channel.

Benefits of the Smart Contracts

Smart contracts in the blockchain is a valuable aspect of the industries. This coded channel eliminates the conciliator and chances of manipulation. Let’s consider some more benefits of using smart contracts:
Speed, efficiency and accuracy: Smart contracts use computer protocol to automate the tasks. It saves hours for the different business processes. After meeting all conditions, the contract is executed immediately. The smart contracts are digital & no additional time spend on reconciling the error. The details are added manually rather than on paper.

Trust and transparency:

The agreements are automatically executed and enforced. The agreement is immutable, unbreakable and undeniable. No third party is involved in the process. Further, the record of transactions are encrypted and shared across participants. Thus, no one can question that information is manipulated for personal benefit.


The smart contracts are encrypted, and cryptography protects the document from infiltration. The encryption of record transactions makes the path hard for hackers. Each record is connected, and if a hacker or someone wants to manipulate any of the transactions, they should have to alter the entire chain of a single record.

Backup and fraud activity detection:

The data on the blockchain is duplicated multiple times, and originals are restored in data loss cases. If anyone forcefully modifies the blockchain, it detects fraud or suspicious activity. The detection is easy through nodes. Smart Contracts are encrypted and encoded with the program. Manipulation is not easy because it tracks down every activity through cryptography. These benefits claim that Smart Contract is a wise move for the companies while engaging in fair dealing.

Applications of Smart contracts

Businesses can benefit from smart contracts and enable them to keep activities free from hacking and cheating. Following are the application of smart contracts in the real world:

  1. Safeguarding of medications and, keep a track of drugs
  2. Use in retail shops for managing effective supply chain
  3. Make international trades faster

These are some real-world applications of smart contracts. It eliminates the intermediary and is transferred from one place to another easily. It gives pace to transactional activities.


Smart contracts are digitally created, encoded with the program and filled manually. It is used widely to protect confidential information and eliminate unnecessary costs & time. With the elimination of intermediate, the chance of data manipulation is reduced. It is safe, secure, and a new form to integrate the faster transcription of information.

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