Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra That You Must Know

To justify their increasingly expensive prices, the latest high-end smartphones are packed with a large amount of functions and intelligent hardware. With a 108MP camera and up to 16GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a fantastic example, and cutting-edge devices like the Galaxy Note S20 push even further.

RAM is 12GB

The RAM, or Random Access Memory, on your phone stores apps and games. When you return to a RAM-based program or game, it will load faster than if you had to start it from the beginning. All of the apps you’ve used will remain until your RAM runs out and you have to reboot.

More RAM allows you to execute more processes at once, therefore major multitaskers who frequently switch between numerous apps can benefit from having enough RAM. It’s difficult to estimate exactly how much RAM your smartphone needs, although 12GB is a lot for a smartphone.

5G Data

The benefits of 5G are intriguing, but they are mainly unmet right now. The vast majority of individuals do not currently live in a 5G-enabled area. While 5G is beginning to spread, it is only available in a few places and is costly. Don’t be deceived by rebadged 4G networks like AT&T’s 5GE; true 5G networks are still being created, and coverage is quite localized and limited even in the few cities where you can find them now.

Fantastic Zoom In Optimizing

Over the last few years, smartphone cameras have significantly improved, but Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra takes photography to new levels. It has a triple lens system with a 108-megapixel main lens, a 48-megapixel telephoto lens, and a 12-megapixel ultra wide lens. The extraordinary zoom level offered by the S20 Ultra is one of the highlights. It has a 10-magnification optical zoom and a 100-magnification digital zoom. That is absurd.

Increased Refresh Rate

When swiping and scrolling, there is a noticeable difference in how fluid the screen appears. The difference will be noticeable when compared to a 60Hz screen. However, the smoother feel isn’t enough to warrant the increased refresh rate because it puts more strain on the processor and battery. This feature is mainly useful on gaming phones. A high refresh rate can result in reduced image blur and faster response times to your input if you have a mobile game with a high frame rate.

Incredible Fast Charging

The regular 25W charger that came with your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will swiftly charge the massive battery, but you can upgrade to a 45W charger. A 45W charger from Samsung costs $50, but you can get one from other firms for less. Simply ensure that it adheres to the USB-C Power Delivery standard. There are a couple 45W or greater options on our list of fast chargers. Your charging habits will determine if it is worthwhile. Fast charging won’t make much of a difference if you plug in or use a wireless charging pad overnight.

Key Takeaway

Every new phone is another better version of the previous one with durability, versatility, and reliability so this new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is another top-list smartphone among any other phone competitors present. Do take note that every phone has its weakness and downsides which is not inevitable therefore you have to do your own research and know what is the main purpose of you having a smartphone so that you will know what suits you best because there are different phones for different uses and this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can be something you opt to check and consider buying.

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