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Vivo V20 SE review

Vivo V20 SE review

Vivo V20 SE review

Review Summary

Design Display Software Camera Performance Battery


Capable display with excellent daytime photography. 11


The average performanceGlossy back may be scratched and the battery life can be average.

Vivo recently added another model to its ever-growing portfolio of mid-range options with Vivo V20 SE. Vivo V20 SE. The current price is Rs. 20,999 The V20 SE goes up against similar models like the Realme 7 Pro (review) as well as the Galaxy M31s (review). 

Vivo already owns it’s V20 (review) within its portfolio, an upper mid-range phone that I played with. The V20 SE, the smartphone maker has preserved some of the features of its predecessor and cut some of them to provide an affordable price. 

Equipped with a high-resolution camera system as well as one of the most beautiful displays on the market, the V20 SE seems to be an ideal everyday driver. However, the selection of the chipset casts some doubt on the whole set. 

This review will focus on Vivo V20 SE, I will review Vivo V20 SE, I will look at the different specifications, features and features of this device in order to determine whether it’s a winner or not.

Vivo V20 

had a spunky Sunset Jazz colour scheme which was very easy on the eyes. For the SE, Vivo has used an unnatural approach choosing an attractive dual-tone shift instead of the glossy glass. This results in a surface that is easy to scratch and accumulates a lot of dirt. However, just like other OEMs within this price bracket, 

Vivo has provided a transparent, silicone case which should help keep some shine from the device. The camera hump is visible from the back and houses a three-lens setup as well as an LED flash with dual-LEDs. The weight is a bit heavier than V20 SE. V20 SE is lighter as well as the sloped edges allow me to move the device effortlessly into my hand. 

As with the V20 it is also a slimmer device. SE has its internals in a slim body that measures around 7.83mm thick. From the placement of buttons to the slim design, the vibrant colors and huge camera hump, 

Vivo V20 SE 

has been designed to be awe-inspiring. In this category it is the V20 SE is a device that gives you a fantastic experience in the hand, along with its predecessor, the Realme 7 Pro.

It’s becoming increasingly frequent to see mid-ranger phones sporting AMOLED panels. The follows the trend. I was impressed with the display of the vivo v20 se touch screen for its brightness and balanced contrast ratios, even when it was locked at 60 Hz. 

The reality that Vivo has included exactly the same display to its budget-friendly model makes me believe that Vivo isn’t compromising in terms of the viewing experience at all. While the water drop-shaped screen element, which is a bit out of style, remains but it doesn’t interfere with the screen that is otherwise bezel-free. 

The brightness is excellent, however,

I did experience a slight issues when sunlight reflected directly onto the screen, which I was unable to say about the normal V20. The dimensions are the same at 6.44-inches and it’s FHD+ resolution as well with the aspect ratio of 20:9. In addition, all display-related options like the colour temperature and saturation settings and the typical blue light filter are available. 

Vivo is becoming more well-known for its high-quality displays across a variety of price ranges and it’s easy to understand why this is the case with V20 SE. V20 SE.

In terms of optics too it is on the optics side, Vivo V20 SE takes some features of its predecessor, the V20. Instead of the 64MP ISOCELL camera The V20 SE has a 48MP primary camera that is complemented by an ultra-wide 8MP and the 2MP macro shooter. The selfies are managed by the 32MP front-facing camera. 

In daylight conditions, you can expect an array of beautiful images with plenty of colours and precise HDR and a touch of Vivo’s branded saturation levels. So, wherever you point your camera during the morning or in the afternoon you will get the finest quality that Vivo offers in the middle range. 

It is possible to switch between the Realme, Samsung or Vivo colour science when shooting however the final results must be pleasant. The ultra-wide lens can not accurately determine the temperature of the light often, which creates an illusion of lighting, however the details are stunningly clear. 

The macro photographer can get close to the subject using the 2.5cm the distance of focus, but the it’s colour quality is dispersed and it needs an extremely steady subject. 


with low-light conditions without the night mode is a failure. The camera can’t detect the absence of light in the shot and does not alter the exposure in line with it. However, with Night Mode, the shots are more precise and include more detail while also balancing the exposure.

The front camera in the SE’s 32MP might not have a few features similar to the 44MP V20 camera, however, you’ll have great selfies. The Vivo facial smoothing feature and the lighter skin tones might be the only valid complaint I could find. 

Detail, exposure and the accuracy of colour were excellent and even a little bit better than. Portrait mode is good, with edge detection failing in a couple of instances. 

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A rather basic Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC can be in the V20 SE. It’s understandable in the event that the likes of Realme and POCO at cheaper prices, are offering the latest 700-series chipsets. The standard V20 comes with the Snapdragon 720G that isn’t the most powerful for its cost as well. The SE is also a problem.

The battery life of the V20 SE isn’t that amazing, given its capacity of 4,100mAh. However, Vivo has done well by offering a remarkably fast 33W charger to charge the battery. The somewhat smaller capacity coupled with the lighwing the same road. 

Although I don’t focus too much on performance benchmarks, the V20 SE falls behind in both GPU and CPU tests, which indicates that it’s not designed for heavy performance use. 

This being said, just like nearly every other phone that falls within the Rs 20,000 price range the V20 SE can handle moderate-to-low-intensity tasks that can be accomplished effectively. Make sure you don’t spend your time playing Call of Duty Mobile or other graphically intensive games. At a minimum, Vivo allows you to have an impressive 8GB of RAM and 128GB in expandable capacity.

Its V20 SE

also has one of the fastest in-display fingerprint authentication speeds I’ve witnessed from any mobile. It’s also extremely precise in comparison to those on the Realme 7 Pro. For the software side of things, go to my Vivo V20 review to see how the proprietary FunTouchOS 11 functions. 

Aside from that I’m pretty satisfied that the phone is equipped with the latest version of Android 11 which is currently uncommon in the market for mid-range phones. The microphone, call, and earpieces’ quality as expected, was nothing; fast charging speed makes it possible that the V20 SE can juice up to 100% in just an hour. 

While I’m not going in the direction of calling the V20 SE a day and half-device, moderate use allows for a screen lasting 5 hours. But my usual battery test that loops an entire video with 50% brightness and volume gave an under-average result of only 18 hours.

Final decision

Remove a few features of the V20 that include a slower chipset, reduce the price by a quarter and you’ll be left with V20 SE. V20 SE. Similar to the newly unveiled Galaxy S20 FE (review) and the V20 SE also keeps most of the features that make it a worthy alternative to its predecessor. 

Gaming isn’t one of the strengths for this V20 SE, and battery performance isn’t great also. Both of these are a few of the strengths of the Realme 7 Pro’s features. 

The truth is that Vivo V20 SE does not excel in any single aspect of smartphone use, however it is able to provide a strong competitor in all aspects. This Vivo V20 SE looks good, is great to take photos, and is a great AMOLED panel. If those are features you’re looking for, consider this V20 SE. If not, there are many options through Realme, Xiaomi and POCO.


Capable display

Photographing in the daytime is fantastic

Android 11


Average performance

Glossy back can get scratched

Battery life is about average.


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