What Are The Must-Have Features in an Algorithmic Trading App?

With algorithm-based trading becoming a more and more Prominent part, for Traders & Investors, It is super essential that you pick the Best one from All the Free Automated trading apps available. So, let’s dive into 6 Features that you Should definitely look for before Selecting any Algo Trading app :

Historical Data Analytics :

Market behavior data of the past years has proven to be very important while building Trading strategies. Globally known & Famous Expert Traders, as well as Investors thoroughly Recommends making ‘historical data analytics’ as part of your Strategy building.

On multiple occasions, markets have repeated themselves from the Past years’ patterns. So the backtesting becomes super Important. There’s every single chance that it may happen again. Hence this feature is a Must for any Automated trading app.

Complexity Level :

Not all the users trying to do some Trading would be Well versed with Complex Technicalities & Coding. Automated trading apps must be made very user-friendly and easy to use.

Trading is a time-critical thing and Demands full attention. So it’s best in Trader’s interest if they have to Focus purely on the Trading part & Not be hallucinated by complex UI or working of the Trading app.

So, choose the Best Algo trading app in India which is highly user-friendly and the User has to not Worry at all with any aspect other than paying attention towards Trading.

Grabbing the Trend Advantage :

Foolishly going with the Trend might not be the smartest decision to do. But, when it comes to Automated trading apps – You can use the Trends to your advantage. How? Read below :

Automated trading mobile application ‘SpeedBot’ has dedicated Technical trend analyzers. These technical analyzers constantly monitor trending markets. So if one or more particular markets are doing really well, It won’t blindly advise you to Trend on that.

Instead, SpeedBot will deeply analyze and decide if the Upward trend has still some fuel Left or is just about to Collapse. If Technical indicators show that the Trend has some Good potential Left & is appearing quite Safe to invest in, You will be recommended.

So that you never miss out on Trending market opportunities to encash & Take full leverage of it.

Variety of Market Options :

‘Don’t keep all eggs in one basket’ – A quote you would have heard thousands of times in the Trading world. Well, the quote is there for a reason. Keep the money that you are Trading divided across multiple Facets.

For example, You have 10,000 Rupees – Don’t put 5,000 in one and 5,000 in another market. Instead, divide it into 3 to 4 different market options at least. That way you are not only securing your Funds But chances of maximum ROI (Return on Investment) increase significantly.

It is one of the most crucial Features of Algo trading app or SpeedBot. Diversify your total Investment across multiple markets that are based on Price momentum, Upward Trends, Leveraged markets, and many more with SpeedBot.

Trading App Accessibility :

We are living in Nearly the peak time of the ‘Mobile era’. It’s obviously very important that Traders and Investors should be able to Access the Algo trading platform from anywhere and With ease.

If you select the Best algo trading app in India, You would be able to use it from anywhere in the world with your Mobile phone. So wherever you are and Whenever you feel like having a Look at the market, check out the status of your Funds or Study the market to Build your Strategies further – SpeedBot will let you do that. It is amongst top-quality and Highly rated by experts for Automated trading apps.

Market Crash Protection :

Even the Smartest and Most famous of Traders have Fallen victim to Unexpected & Unforeseeable market crashes. That shouldn’t happen to you though. Advanced level protection against market crashes is among the Must-have Features of the Algo trading app.

Yes – You have deep analytic tools, You have more research data available, You have continuous Information from Global markets. Still, as they say, ‘Hope for the Best & Prepare for the Worst.

We gotta be prepared in Advance for Moderate to severe market crashes to protect our Funds. These crashes might not happen for months, years, or decades. But at the same time, some Big incidents can happen somewhere in the World and Bamn !! The market stars Bleeding.

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