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What does it mean if my dab pen is blinking

While dabbing, it is common to see that the pen’s light is blinking, which means that there are some issues with the temperature settings or battery. If you’re heating and using your dab pen without any trouble, you should not experience this problem.

The real reason why your dab pen’s light is blinking varies from user to user. Typically, you will experience one of these issues when this happens:

What does it mean when your Dab Pen blinks?

When you experience this problem, more than likely, it is because your pen’s temperature settings are either too low or high. For this pen to operate correctly, it needs to be set in between 290°F and 410°F (or 145°C and 210°C).

If these problems persist even when you make the proper adjustments, then you are likely experiencing battery problems. This means the only solution to this problem is often changing out the batteries.

However, if your pen’s temperature settings are set correctly, and it still blinks, then you will need to replace or reset your heating element completely. If this is a warranty issue with your pen, contact the company or seek assistance from the manufacturer itself.

The best way to avoid these problems is to purchase a dab pen from reputable brands.

How to identify which problem is happening to your dab pen?

To see if you’re currently experiencing overheating problems, all you need to do is look for a blinking light on your pen’s heating element; usually, the red light stops blinking once it reaches the preset temperature. Unless there are further issues with the pen, this means that everything works as expected.

Why is my Dab Pen blinking ten times?

If your dab pen is blinking ten times, this means that you have a power issue or there’s something wrong with the heating element. Once it reaches its temperature setting, the pen should light up without any problems at all.

How do you fix a Dab Pen blinking three times?

Usually, this issue occurs because you have a loose connection in your battery. The issue could also indicate that your battery is losing power and will need to be replaced.

If you’re unsure of what’s going on, open up the heating chamber and check the condition of your coil. It may not be working correctly because there is something stuck in the hole blocking airflow.

The best way to fix this problem is to clean out anything that could be obstructing the holes or replace any faulty coils.

Why does my dab pen turn on and off?

This issue usually happens when your pen heats up too quickly. This means that you need to let it cool down before continuing to use it again. The best way to avoid this problem is by controlling the temperature settings on your dab pen or inhaling slowly.

If you’re finding that you need to do this often, then there is probably something wrong with your pen itself.

Why is my dab pen blinking green and not hitting?

This is a common problem that you should find if you look at your dab pen’s instructions. For the heating element to work, ensure that your dab pen is placed firmly on flat surfaces. Otherwise, the pen won’t work correctly and may only operate at half-power.

How to get a dab pen to work?

If your dab pen does not heat up, it could be due to a power issue or that you need to clean out your unit. Sometimes, this is also an indication of other problems with the heating element itself. However, before you make these conclusions, check to see if your pen works as it should with a new coil.

If there are no issues with the heating element and everything appears fine on this end, there is probably something wrong with the batteries themselves. More than likely, the batteries that power your pen need to be replaced.

How do you know if your dab pen is working correctly?

Ideally, when using a dab pen or any best CBD vape, you will expect that it lights up with a blue or red light. If the heating element doesn’t turn on at all, there could be more severe issues in the unit. However, if your pen’s temperature setting is set to between 290°F and 410°F, then it should work. If your pen is blinking strangely or unusually, the best thing to do is check the user’s manual to see if you can find instructions for fixing this problem. The best way to fix these issues in your dab pen is to go through the user’s manual for the pen.

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