What Is The Definition Of Cannabis Concentrate Packaging?

Any packaging you brand with your logo and design that can hold concentrate is considered custom Cannabis Concentrate Packaging! Custom concentrate packaging, from jars to bags and everything in between, will keep concentrates safe and secure!

What Exactly Is Concentrate?

A cannabis concentrate is the distilled cannabinoids and terpenes found in the marijuana flowers. These two compounds are responsible for the flavor, aroma, and effects we experience when we consume cannabis, making concentrates extremely potent. Concentrates are labeled in a variety of ways depending on the distillation process, such as wax, shatter, and rosin. These are some of the most common, but there are many more! All of the reasons your customers love cannabis have been condensed into concentrate!

Extract vs. Concentrate

It’s a good idea to remember that while every extract is a concentrate, not every concentrate is an extract. To clarify, extracts are small distilled compounds similar to concentrates, but they are combined with a solvent. As a result, extracts are less potent than concentrates and, in some cases, liquid! CBD and other oils are frequently extracted.

Because concentrate and extract can exist in different states (liquid and solid), Cannabis Concentrate Packaging must often be different in order to hold the product optimally. Continue reading to learn about the packaging designs available to you!

What Types of Concentrate Packaging Designs Are Available?

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging is adaptable and tailored to your specific business requirements! We have several designs to match your branding and the type of concentrate packaging you require.

Concentrate Containers

The concentrate is typically available in a variety of packaging options! Custom jars are one of the most popular storage options. Small custom dab packaging in jars is a convenient way to transport concentrates. They can also hold more dabs than another traditional packaging, ensuring that your customer has a supply.

Glass or silicone custom jars are available. Glass jars are extremely sleek and professional custom dab packaging options. Glass jars are also very sanitary. They have no effect on the taste of the concentrate. However, there are numerous advantages to using silicone custom dab containers!

Silicone jars are typically easier to remove sticky concentrate from than other jar materials, and they are also more durable if the jar is crushed or dropped. With glass or silicone custom concentrate containers in their inventory, your company cannot go wrong.

Envelope Concentration

Custom concentrate envelopes are yet another fashionable way to package concentrate! This custom concentrate storage is both discreet and long-lasting. Because of their narrow width, envelopes are easy to display and stack in your dispensary.

We offer concentrate envelopes in two styles: the first is sealed at the bottom with a top flap that can be opened. The second envelope style is more “traditional,” with a fold in V flap across the length of the envelope.

While not technically an envelope, shatter lids are available. These are made of plastic rather than paper, but they have the same thin design as envelopes. The design of the custom concentrate containers you want is entirely up to you!

Cartridge Storage

As previously stated, concentrate is very popular in the vaping community! That is why we offer a variety of custom wax packaging styles for cartridges. We have cartridge tubes that are thinner and cylindrical in shape. We also offer box custom concentrate cartridge containers. These boxes are available in a variety of configurations, including drawer slide-out and tab options.

Packaging For Medical Concentrates

Medical/syringe concentrate storage can also be accommodated in custom concentrate containers. To protect the integrity of medical concentrates, we offer blister boxes and child-resistant boxes.

Packaging for Extracts

We have special packaging for your extracts because they are frequently liquid! We have a variety of dropper bottles and boxes to match. These dropper bottles feature classic and clean designs that are ready to be personalized with your company’s logo!

Bags made of Mylar

Custom mylar bags can be used to package concentrate products and packaging designs. These bags are ideal for carrying out products from your dispensary as Cannabis Concentrate Packaging! Why not add mylar bags to the mix to ensure that all of your containers are personalized?

Why Do I Need Custom Dab Packaging for My Brand?

Custom packaging design is essential for your company! While the reasons are numerous, we have compiled a few that we believe are critical to the growth of your business.

Customer Expansion

Custom rosin packaging is necessary for your company to be recognized. When your branding is dynamic, you are more likely to attract new customers who are visually drawn to your customization. When you have custom concentrated packaging, previous customers are more likely to remember your product and return for more.

Customers will look to your brand to provide them with the products they require because they have formed a connection with the customization. This connection will undoubtedly increase your customer base.


Consumers strongly prefer sustainable custom shatter packaging; over the last two decades, there has been a steady increase in customers preferring sustainable packaging over single-use, throw-away containers. Customers are more likely to choose sustainable custom packaging, which increases your profits because you appeal to a large consumer base.

If you are a new company looking to make environmental changes, sustainable packaging is a great place to start! Sustainability will also signal your company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. If you run a sustainable business, using sustainable, customizable concentrate packaging will only help you achieve your eco-friendly goals. Labels on customized packaging can indicate whether your packaging/product is sustainable.


The packaging of all cannabis products must be child-resistant. Custom dab containers are fantastic because you can customize the child-resistant packaging for your product. You can also provide custom packaging instructions for opening the package. This ensures that your state is in compliance, and you have complete control over the words on your concentrate packaging.

Where Can I Get Custom Concentrate Packaging?

We enjoy collaborating with businesses to design custom dab containers. This is why we offer low minimum order quantities (MOQs), allowing you to meet customization requirements without ordering more items than you require. If the MOQs are met, we also offer customization on all products.

We also believe that the love between companies is mutual; we have a talented team of designers who have created custom packaging for several successful brands. You can also use your existing personalized logo and upload it online!

We’ve also made it simple to order custom concentrate packaging. When you’ve decided on the packaging you want, you can fill out a simple form with your contact information, desired quantities, and important notes. Within 48 hours, a representative will contact you! We will then work diligently and quickly with you to complete your customized order.

Bulk & Wholesale Concentrate Packaging Made To Order

Wholesale Marijuana Concentrate Packaging allows your company to purchase custom wax packaging at a lower cost than retail packaging. This will allow you to increase your profit margins while still providing competitive concentrate and packaging prices.

When you order custom concentrate packaging in bulk, you will be given the unit amount that you require. We all know how frustrating it is not to be able to package your wonderful products, which is why ordering in bulk is so important!

Custom concentrate storage is an excellent choice for your company because it will increase brand awareness and profits. SirePrinting is here to assist you every step of the way in packaging concentrate in a way that truly reflects your brand.

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