What Is the Importance of WHM Access in Linux Reseller Hosting USA?


As we all know, administrative access plays the leading role in web hosting, be it VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, or a Reseller. Admin access gives the authority to control the server and modify it according to your business needs. Therefore, with Linux Reseller Web Hosting in USA, you have access to WHM-WebHost Manager to manage your host’s webspace. In a Reseller Hosting Business, you get the privilege to have WHM access for the backend of your cPanel account. To know further about WHM access in the Best Linux Reseller Hosting USA, Let’s begin the article.

What is WHM, and How is it Important for Reseller Hosting Business?

What is WHM?

WebHost Manager (WHM) is a web application that gives you access to your server or server you have bought from the host. It gives you more control and flexibility over the server to manage multiple websites. You can create multiple cPanel accounts for your client’s websites and address them quickly. It is ideal for running a Linux Reseller Hosting Business in the USA. WHM allows you to add multiple domains, manage to host features, and create individual cPanel accounts.

How is it Important for Reseller Hosting Business?

As a Reseller Hosting business owner, it is essential to have full access to the webspace that you get from your host. Complete control of the server allows you to make changes according to your business requirements and gives you absolute power over the server. With WHM access, you can easily manage your Reseller account and create multiple cPanel accounts for your customers. So, a Linux Reseller Hosting USA business needs to have WHM access.

Benefits of Having WHM Access

Best Linux Reseller Hosting USA

Along with creating a cPanel account for your clients, you can also delete and suspend them. WHM allows you to change the domain and usernames of your Linux Reseller Hosting clients. You also have access to DNS zones of all domains connected to the web hosting. Below are some benefits associated with WHM access.

  1. Create Multiple cPanel accounts for your clients.
  2. Add multiple domains to the server.
  3. WHM allows you to install and manage the SSL certificate that you get with your hosting.
  4. It will enable the whitelisting of IP addresses.
  5. You can also make custom packages for your Best Linux Reseller Hosting USA business with this control.
  6. Private Nameserver setups.
  7. Additionally, you can set resource limits for cPanel accounts.
  8. Also, your clients can receive newsletters, updates, and deal upgrades via WHM.

With all these privileges that you get with WHM access, it is easy to handle the Linux Hosting account. With WHM access to the Best Linux Reseller Hosting, you also get other benefits to start your own hosting business and make good revenue. Some of the features and benefits you get with Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting are as follows.

Hostbillo- Web Hosting Provider in USA

Linux Reseller Web Hosting in USA

Providing one of the Best Web Hosting Services in USA, Hostbillo stands out among the competition. It offers a perfect solution for a Linux Reseller Hosting USA business to provide the best customer satisfactory services. You have complete control from WHM access to 100% white-labeled services over the web space. Reseller Hosting includes features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain addons, unlimited email ids, and an unlimited MYSQL database. Hence, You can start your own Linux Reseller Hosting USA business at a low-cost investment and earn a significant profit. Check out some of the features of Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting given below. 

Features of Linux Reseller Web Hosting in USA

SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is essential since it guarantees that your client’s information is secure on your website and cannot be leaked. Therefore, you get a free SSL certificate with the Best Linux Reseller Hosting USA plan.

SSD Storage

To host multiple websites on a single server, you have to provide your clients with a specific space. So, Linux Reseller Web Hosting in USA offers SSD storage by default, allowing maximum storage for uploading and downloading data. You can also purchase more from your host.

WHM/cPanel Access

A WHM access gives you the authority to control the server and create multiple Cpanel accounts for your customers. It plays an important role in Reseller hosting business.

White Label System

To be recognized by your hosting brand, it is necessary to have a White Labeled system from your hosting provider as it allows you to sell the hosting plans on your brand name legally.

One-click Installer

With the Best Linux Reseller Hosting USA, you get the ability to install any web application that you want for your server. You can install as many applications as you need in the minimum given time.

Private Nameserver

Linux Reseller Hosting allows you to set up a private nameserver known as DNS nameservers.

Now we know what WHM is and about some features of Linux Reseller Hosting in USA. So, you can get Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting for your hosting business.

Final Thoughts

This article has discussed how WHM access plays a vital role in a Linux Reseller Hosting business. WHM access gives you the best privileges with a reseller account. Imagin you can create, delete and suspend the cPanel account of your client and host multiple websites on one server. It helps in getting good revenue from your hosting business at cost-effective prices.

Therefore, Hostbillo provides the Best Linux Reseller Hosting USA plans with full WHM access and white label services. It also provides the best features of Reseller hosting at a minimum cost that helps you generate good profit in your business.

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